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Most Popular Genuine Oldsmobile Omega Parts

  • Oldsmobile Omega Fuel System-Exhaust-Emission System

    Fuel System-Exhaust-Emission System

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Oxygen Sensor

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Oxygen Sensor

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Fuel Pump

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Fuel Pump

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Catalytic Converter

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Catalytic Converter

  • Oldsmobile Omega Engine


    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Oil Filter

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Oil Filter

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Starter

      Oldsmobile Omega

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Spark Plug

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Spark Plug

  • Oldsmobile Omega Front Suspension-Steering

    Front Suspension-Steering

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Power Steering Pump

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Power Steering Pump

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Ignition Switch

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Ignition Switch

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Turn Signal Switch

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Turn Signal Switch

  • Oldsmobile Omega Starter-Generator-Ignition-Electrical-Lamps


    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Alternator

      Oldsmobile Omega

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Headlight

      Oldsmobile Omega

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Starter Solenoid

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Starter Solenoid

  • Oldsmobile Omega Body Mounting-Air Conditioning-Audio/Entertainment

    Body Mounting-Air Conditioning-Audio/Entertainment

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />A/C Compressor

      Oldsmobile Omega
      A/C Compressor

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Antenna

      Oldsmobile Omega

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Blower Motor

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Blower Motor

  • Oldsmobile Omega Brakes


    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Brake Proportioning Valve

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Brake Proportioning Valve

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Brake Master Cylinder

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Brake Master Cylinder

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Parking Brake Cable

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Parking Brake Cable

  • Oldsmobile Omega Transmission - Automatic

    Transmission - Automatic

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Transfer Case

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Transfer Case

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Neutral Safety Switch

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Neutral Safety Switch

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Shift Cable

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Shift Cable

  • Oldsmobile Omega Front End Sheet Metal-Heater-Vehicle Maintenance

    Front End Sheet Metal-Heater-Vehicle Maintenance

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Blower Motor Resistor

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Blower Motor Resistor

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Horn

      Oldsmobile Omega

    • Oldsmobile Omega<br />Coolant Reservoir

      Oldsmobile Omega
      Coolant Reservoir

About Oldsmobile Omega

The Oldsmobile Omega is a compact car that sold for two generations, with the promise of better fuel mileage as a major selling point. The Omega being based the GM X platform architecture, Omega body parts were similar to the Chevy Nova's, but with Oldsmobile's iconic split front grille and square recessed round headlights. Three Omega body styles were available: a two-door coupe, four-door sedan, and a three-door hatchback. Standard Oldsmobile Omega auto parts included the Chevy-built four liter I6 engine with the options of three-speed or four-speed manual transmissions. Other Omega car parts included a two or three speed automatic transmissions.