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1985 Chevrolet Suburban K10 4WD
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  • Body Mounting, Air Conditioning, Audio/Entertainment
        • Brakes
              • Brakes, Rear Axle, Propeller Shaft, Wheels
                    • Cab And Body Parts, Wipers, Mirrors, Doors, Trim, Seat Belts
                          • Cooling System, Grille, Oil System
                                • Engine
                                      • Frames, Springs, Shocks, Bumpers
                                            • Front Axle, Front Suspension, Steering
                                                  • Front End Sheet Metal, Heater, Vehicle Maintenance
                                                        • Fuel System, Exhaust, Emission System
                                                              • Normal Maintenance Parts, Fluids, Capacities, Electrical Connectors
                                                                    • Rear Body Structure, Moldings & Trim, Cargo Stowage
                                                                          • Speedometer Gears, Shaft, Adapter
                                                                                • Starter, Generator, Ignition, Electrical, Lamps
                                                                                      • Transfer Case
                                                                                            • Transmission - Automatic
                                                                                                  • Transmission - Manual
                                                                                                        • Windshield, Wiper, Mirrors, Instrument Panel, Console, Doors

                                                                                                              Parts found for 1985 Chevrolet Suburban K10 4WD > Body Mounting, Air Conditioning, Audio/Entertainment > A/C & Heater Control Assembly

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                                                                                                              Part No. Description Fitting Vehicle
                                                                                                              Qty.    Cart
                                                                                                              SWITCH, A/C Electric Temperature and Motor Control

                                                                                                              SWITCH, BLOWER

                                                                                                              $13.68 $7.65

                                                                                                              SWITCH, SELECT ROTARY

                                                                                                              $37.76 $21.12
                                                                                                              VALVE, A/C Vacuum Control

                                                                                                              VALVE, VACUUM SELECT

                                                                                                              $22.72 $13.10
                                                                                                              Other Parts

                                                                                                              CONTROL, HTR & A/C

                                                                                                              $140.64 $81.12

                                                                                                              DIAL KIT, HEATER & A/C CONTROL (INCL ITEMS #10,11,12)

                                                                                                              -- -- Discontinued

                                                                                                              KNOB, BLOWER SWITCH (ALSO PART OF ITEM #9)

                                                                                                              $11.70 $6.75

                                                                                                              KNOB, MODE LEVER (ALSO PART OF ITEM #9)

                                                                                                              $11.70 $6.75

                                                                                                              KNOB, TEMPERATURE LEVER (ALSO PART OF ITEM #9)

                                                                                                              $11.70 $6.75
                                                                                                              Genuine GM Parts, the Right Choice
                                                                                                     offers the lowest prices for genuine 1985 Chevrolet Suburban K10 4WD parts. Parts like A/C & Heater Control Assembly are shipped directly from authorized GM dealers and backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Parts fit for the following vehicle options. Engine: 3 Cyl 1.0L, 4 Cyl 1.9L, 4 Cyl 2.5L, 6 Cyl, 6 Cyl 4.3L, 6 Cyl 4.8L, 8 Cyl, 8 Cyl 5.0L, 8 Cyl 5.7L, 8 Cyl 6.2L Diesel, 8 Cyl 6.5L Diesel, 8 Cyl 7.4L. Model Code: 1/2 TON.