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2010 Chevrolet Express 3500
-- Select Engine --
Engine Description RPO Code
The drop down menu includes engine codes with descriptions and engine sizes. Please use the following tutorial to locate the actual engine size of your vehicle; it could help you make the correct selection.
  • 6 Cyl 4.3L MFI, 90 DEG LU3
  • 8 Cyl 4.8L Flexible Fuel L20
  • 8 Cyl 5.3L SFI, OHV, Iron LMF
  • 8 Cyl 6.0L Flexible Fuel, SFI Iron L96
  • 8 Cyl 6.6L Diesel DPI, DURAMAX LMM
  • 8 Cyl 6.6L Diesel Turbo, DI, DURAMAX LGH
-- Select Transmission --
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  • 4-Speed Automatic Transmission, 4L60-E, Electronic M30
  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission, HMD, 6L-90 MYD
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Model Code Description RPO Code
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  • Van 1 Ton Cargo Express CG33405
  • Van 1 Ton Cargo Express CG33705
  • Van 1 Ton Commercial/RV Express CG33503
  • Van 1 Ton Commercial/RV Express CG33803
  • Van 1 Ton Commercial/RV Express CG33903
  • Van 1 Ton Passenger Express CG33406
  • Van 1 Ton Passenger Express CG33706
Parts Question Guide

Parts found for 2010 Chevrolet Express 3500 > Starter, Generator, Ignition, Electrical, Lamps > Wiring Harness/Instrument Panel

Part No. Part Description Retail
BOLT, Chassis/Engine Wiring Harness


BRACKET, Chassis/Engine Wiring Harness


Replaced by:
CABLE, Radio Antenna


HARNESS, Chassis Wiring Make Sure These Fit


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G3(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UJ1)(EXC YF1,8S8), G3(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UJ1)(EXC YF1,YF2,8S8), G3(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,YF1)(EXC UY7,8S8), G3(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,YF1)(EXC UY7,YF2,8S8), G3(03)(L20,L96,DE5,DE7,8D8)(EXC UY7,8S8), G3(03)(L20,L96,DE5,DE7,8D8)(EXC UY7,YF2,8S8), G3(03)(L20,L96,DE5,DE7,8D8,UY7)(EXC 8S8), G3(03)(L20,L96,DE5,DE7,8D8,UY7)(EXC YF2,8S8), G3(03)(L96,YF2), G335(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UY7)(EXC UJ1,YF1,8S8), G335(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UY7)(EXC UJ1,YF1,YF2,8S8), G335(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UY7,YF1)(EXC 8S8), G335(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UY7,YF1)(EXC YF2,8S8), G338,339(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UY7)(EXC UJ1,YF1,YF2,8S8), G338,339(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UY7,YF1)(EXC 8S8), G338,339(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UY7,YF1)(EXC YF2,8S8)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
GH1(05-06)(LMF,LU3,C49,C6A,9E7,DE2,9F2)(EXC PRP,UY7,YF7,8S3), GH1(05-06)(LMF,LU3,C6A,9E7,DE2,9F2)(EXC C49,JL4,PRP,UY7,YF7,8S3), GH1(05-06)(LMF,LU3,C6A,9E7,DE2,9F2,JL4)(EXC C49,PRP,UY7,YF7,8S3), GH1(05-06)(LMF,LU3,C6A,9E7,DE5,DE7)(EXC JL4,PRP,UY7,YF7,8S3), GH1(05-06)(LMF,LU3,C6A,9E7,DE5,DE7,JL4)(EXC PRP,UY7,YF7,8S3), GH1(05-06)(LMF,LU3,C6A,9E7,JL4,UY7)(EXC PRP,YF7,8S3), GH1(05-06)(LMF,LU3,C6A,9E7,UY7)(EXC JL4,PRP,YF7), GH1(05-06)(LMF,LU3,C6A,9E7,UY7)(EXC JL4,PRP,YF7,8S3)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
GH1(05)(LMF,LU3,C49,C6A,JL4,UY7,YF7), GH1(05)(LMF,LU3,C49,C6A,JL4,YF7)(EXC UY7), GH1(05)(LMF,LU3,C49,C6A,UY7,YF7)(EXC JL4), GH1(05)(LMF,LU3,C49,C6A,YF7)(EXC JL4,UY7), GH1(05)(LMF,LU3,C6A,DE5,DE7,JL4,YF7)(EXC C49,UY7), GH1(05)(LMF,LU3,C6A,DE5,DE7,YF7)(EXC C49,JL4,UY7), GH1(05)(LMF,LU3,C6A,JL4,UY7,YF7)(EXC C49), GH1(05)(LMF,LU3,C6A,UY7,YF7)(EXC C49,JL4)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G3(03)(L20,L96,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2)(EXC UJ1,UY7,YF1,8S8)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G3(03)(LGH,LMM,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,UJ1)(EXC UY7,YF1,YF2,8S8), G3(03)(LGH,LMM,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2,YF1)(EXC UJ1,UY7,YF2,8S8), G3(03)(LGH,LMM,DE5,DE7,8D8)(EXC UY7,YF2,8S8), G3(03)(LGH,LMM,YF2)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C49,C6P,C6Y,DE2,9F2,JL4)(EXC PRP,UY7,YF7,8S8,8S3), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,DE5,DE7,JL4)(EXC PRP,UY7,YF7,8S8,8S3), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,JL4,UY7)(EXC PRP,YF7,8S8,8S3)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G3(03)(LGH,LMM,DE2,DHC,D28,6M2)(EXC UJ1,YF1,YF2,8S8)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,DE2,9F2)(EXC C49,JL4,PRP,UJ1,UY7,YF7,8S8,8S3), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,DE2,9F2,JL4)(EXC C49,PRP,UY7,YF7,8S8,8S3)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G2,3(05)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,YF7)(EXC JL4,YF2), G337(05)(LGH,LMM,C6Y,YF2)(EXC PRP)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C49,C6P,C6Y,DE2,9F2)(EXC JL4,PRP,UJ1,UY7,YF2,YF7,8S3,8S8), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,8S3)(EXC JL4,PRP,UJ1,YF7,8S8,8S3), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,8S3)(EXC JL4,PRP,YF2,8S8), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,DE5,DE7)(EXC JL4,PRP,UJ1,UY7,YF2,YF7,8S3,8S8), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,UJ1)(EXC JL4,PRP,UY7,YF2,YF7,8S3,8S8), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,UJ1)(EXC JL4,PRP,UY7,YF7,8S8), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,UJ1,UY7)(EXC JL4,PRP,YF2,YF7,8S3,8S8), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,UJ1,UY7)(EXC JL4,PRP,YF7,8S3,8S8), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,UY7)(EXC JL4,PRP,UJ1,YF2,YF7,8S3,8S8), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,UY7)(EXC JL4,PRP,UJ1,YF7,8S3,8S8), G2,3(05-06)(LGH,LMM,C49,C6P,C6Y,C7Q,DE2,9F2)(EXC PRP,UJ1,UY7,YF2,YF7), G2,3(05-06)(LGH,LMM,C6P,C6Y,C7Q,DE2,DE5,DE7,9F2,UJ1)(EXC PRP,YF2,YF7), G2,3(05-06)(LGH,LMM,C6P,C6Y,C7Q,DE2,DE5,DE7,9F2,UY7)(EXC PRP,UJ1,YF2,YF7), G2,3(05-06)(LGH,LMM,C6P,C6Y,C7Q,DE5,DE7)(EXC PRP,UJ1,UY7,YF2,YF7)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G2,3(05-06)(LGH,LMM,C6P,C6Y,C7Q,DE2,9F2)(EXC C49,PRP,UJ1,UY7,YF2,YF7)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G2,3(05)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,JL4,YF7), G2,3(05)(L20,L96,C6P,C6Y,JL4,YF7)(EXC YF2), G337(05)(L96,YF2)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,8S8)(EXC PRP,YF2,YF7)


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G335(03)(L20,L96,8S8)(EXC UY7), G335(03)(L20,L96,8S8)(EXC UY7,YF2), G335(03)(L20,L96,UY7,8S8), G335(03)(L20,L96,UY7,8S8)(EXC YF2), G338,339(03)(L20,L96,8S8), G338,339(03)(L20,L96,8S8)(EXC YF2)


Fitting Vehicle Options:


Fitting Vehicle Options:
G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,PRP), G2,3(05-06)(L20,L96,PRP)(EXC YF2), G2,3(05-06)(LGH,LMM,PRP)
HARNESS, Heater Control


NUT, Chassis/Engine Wiring Harness


Standard Parts


Replaced by:


Replaced by:


Replaced by:


Replaced by:



Although General Motors no longer manufactures this part, we may still have stock or the ability to special order it.

To verify availability, please contact us. We will respond promptly.

There are multiple parts that fit your vehicle, select the one that best matches your needs, or select vehicle options to filter result.
Genuine GM Parts, the Right Choice offers the lowest prices for genuine 2010 Chevrolet Express 3500 parts. Parts like Wiring Harness/Instrument Panel are shipped directly from authorized GM dealers and backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Parts fit for the following vehicle options. Engine: 6 Cyl 4.3L, 8 Cyl 4.8L Flex, 8 Cyl 5.3L, 8 Cyl 6.0L Flex, 8 Cyl 6.6L Diesel. Model Code: 1 TON CARGO EXPRESS, 1 TON COMMERCIAL/RECREATIONAL VEHICLE EXPRESS, 1 TON PASSENGER.
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