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  • Floor Mats
    Floor Mats
  • Roof Rack
    Roof Rack
  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
  • Trailer Wiring Harness
    Trailer Wiring Harness
  • Cargo Organizer
    Cargo Organizer
  • Hitch-Mounted Bicycle and Ski Carrier
    Hitch-Mounted Bicycle and Ski Carrier
  • CD/DVD Holder
    CD/DVD Holder
  • Cargo Area Liner
    Cargo Area Liner
  • Hitch Ball Assembly
    Hitch Ball Assembly
  • Hitch Trailering Package
    Hitch Trailering Package
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The Buick Rendezvous, manufactured from 2002 to 2007, marked Buick's innovative foray into the mid-size crossover SUV market. Designed to offer the desirable features of an SUV while minimizing the drawbacks traditionally associated with such vehicles, the Rendezvous blended luxury, utility, and comfort. Built on a modified chassis of a second-generation U-body minivan, it was powered by a V6 engine, paired with a four-speed automatic transmission, and had an optional Versatrak all-wheel-drive system which delivered reliable traction under snowy and wet conditions. All models boasted fully independent rear suspension, highlighting Buick's commitment to providing a luxurious and smooth driving experience. Over the years, the Rendezvous received various updates for enhanced appeal and performance. The 2004 model saw an upgrade to clear headlamps and introduced a top trim level with standard features like Versatrak four-wheel drive and monochrome paint. An optional 3.6L V6 LY7 High Feature engine and mahogany trim were also introduced. For families, the Rendezvous offered practical and convenient features, such as a center console with space for a laptop, compartments for personal items, and a touch-screen navigation system. In its final year of production in 2007, the Rendezvous was offered as a front-wheel-drive model with a 3.5L engine. Its production run significantly bolstered Buick's reputation, attracting a younger and wealthier clientele to the brand and surpassing the company's annual sales expectations. The Rendezvous's blend of style, comfort, and functionality made it a standout model in the mid-size crossover SUV segment.

Despite being designed for harsh road conditions, Buick Rendezvous' parts can wear out, leading to various problems. One of the primary issues is the engine performance, which can be linked to regular parts like a faulty speedometer triggering the Check Engine Light or causing squealing noises; a malfunctioning MAP sensor increasing fuel consumption and reducing acceleration power, or a clogged fuel filter causing hard starts. Additionally, minor electrical, transmission, and braking problems can arise. Electrical issues often manifest as dim or flickering gauges or erratic readings due to an inoperable instrument cluster. Transmission problems can include a rattling sound, fluid leakage, difficulty changing gears, or a burning odor, pointing towards an issue with the automatic transmission filter. Braking issues can also stem from fragile brake dust shields. To maintain the vehicle's longevity, regularly check other vulnerable parts like the door handle and lock cylinder for accessibility and security, the seat belt for safety, and the wiper arm, blade, and windshield wiper for clear vision.

Opting for OEM items can result in long-term savings on upkeep and repairs, as they provide the utmost durability due to their stringent manufacturing procedures. Our website provides genuine Buick Rendezvous parts, like Body Moldings, Sheet Metal, Rear Compartment Hardware, Roof Hardware, Interior Trim, Front Seat Trim, Seat Belts at the most competitive prices in the market. All of our OEM Buick Rendezvous parts, including Rear Seat Trim, Carpet, Transfer Case come with the assurance of the manufacturer's warranty, a stress-free return policy, and speedy delivery service. So, you can shop with confidence.