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About Buick Rendezvous

Buick Rendezvous is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by General Motors and sold under its division Buick from 2001 to 2007. The first Buick Rendezvous was introduced in the spring of 2001 as a 2002 model. It shared an assembly line with its corporate cousin the Pontiac Aztek and both them were GM's entry into the crossover SUV segment. Though Buick Rendezvous was only available for about six years, it made a big sale success for Buick.
As a 4-door crossover SUV featured a front engine and four-wheel drive, Buick Rendezvous was available in trim levels including CX and CXL. And it was built as a combination of the best attributes of a minivan, a luxury automobile and a sport utility vehicle. It had three engine options such as 3.4 L LA1 V6, 3.5 L LX9 V6, and 3.6 L LX7 V6 engines. And these engines were fitted along with a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 6-speed automatic transmission. In 2007, the last Buick Rendezvous rolled off the assembly line and the Buick Enclave and the Buick Envision replaced it.

Buick Rendezvous Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Buick Rendezvous is designed to deal with different harsh road conditions. However, the more terrible the road conditions are, the easier its auto parts get worn out. And these problems would appear on it:
First, engine performance suffered. Generally speaking, this problem in Buick Rendezvous has relation with some ordinary auto parts. For example, a faulty speedometer activated the Check Engine Light or gave out squealing noises behind the dashboard; a broken MAP sensor increased the fuel consumption and lost power in acceleration as well as roughened engine's operation; a clogged fuel filter caused hard starting. So if your Buick Rendezvous engine performs not like usual, you can refer to those signs and get auto parts checked.
Second, minor electrical, transmission and braking issues. The electrical issues show on Buick Rendezvous as dim or flickering gauges, inaccurate or erratic readings from the voltage regulator, which were caused by an inoperable instrument cluster. As for transmission issue, if you could hear a rattling sound, find leaking fluid and contamination or being unable to change gears easily or smell burning odor, then Rendezvous automatic transmission filter needs inspection. Brake dust shields are vulnerable in Rendezvous' braking system as well.
In order to sustain your Buick Rendezvous for a longer time, you also need to maintain some other vulnerable auto parts well. Door handle is convenient for entering or exiting from the vehicle; door lock cylinder is for protecting your property; seat belt is used for protect occupants against compact created by sudden movement and wiper arm, wiper blade and windshield wiper are important for providing clear driving vision. Please do not leave them out on your maintenance list.
When faced with getting brand new auto parts for your Buick Rendezvous, you should definitely go for OEM Buick Rendezvous auto parts. Do not worry about your tight budget. We offer all genuine Buick Rendezvous auto parts backed by the manufacturer's warranty at the lowest prices in the market. What's more, hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service are extra preferences.