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About GMC

GMC is formerly known as General Motors Truck Company. It was a division of the American automaker General Motors. The company specializes primarily in trucks and commercial vehicles. Today, GMC manufactures SUVs, pickups, vans, and light trucks. It targets the premium market. Large pickups and SUVs are the most attractive models in this range. In many cases, the company's products are leaders in these categories. The brand has its origins in the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. The company was a truck manufacturer founded in 1902 by Max Grabowski. In 1909, General Motors bought the company and transformed it into a durable and reliable truck manufacturing division.
The brand name was changed to GMC Truck. Some of the first models were the T16 and T20. We understand your love for the car because we do too. It's a real concern when a car can't run wild in the wind because of a parts failure. We are an extension of the trust you place in GMC. We believe that parts quality is the cornerstone of growth and the key to earning the trust of our customers. We have extensive experience in this field. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to buy quality GMC parts. If you need replacement GMC parts, we are your best bet.

Masterpieces of GMC

In 1916, a GMC truck traveled the Seattle-New York route in thirty days. And in 1926, a two-ton truck traveled the New York-San Francisco route in five days and thirty minutes. During World War I, the company offered 16 3/4-ton trucks. The company has changed its product line and now offers one-ton trucks and air support vehicles. In 1918, more than 90% of GMC trucks were produced for military use. During the war, GMTC delivered 8,512 trucks to the U.S. government. In 1923, GMC trucks were exported to Japan to help rebuild the country after the Great Kanto Earthquake. While the transportation infrastructure was being rebuilt, the company continued to supply vehicles. Before the earthquake, goods and people in Japan were transported primarily by wooden carts and railroads. The latter suffered severe damage when the tracks broke and could no longer be used. Automated trucks could reach the most damaged areas more efficiently.
In 1996, GM merged the GMC truck division and the passenger car division. The aim is to give the combined unit real strength and external brand recognition. In 2002, it celebrated its 100th anniversary and published the book "GMC: The First 100 Years." In 2007, GMC launched the Acadia, a crossover SUV. It was the second all-wheel-drive vehicle based on the GMT-360. In 2009, GMC launched the Terrain. It was a mid-size crossover SUV based on GM's Theta platform. It replaced the Torrent after that model ceased production. Our excellent service, expert support, and efficient shipping have earned many satisfied customers. We have thousands of GMC parts in stock, ready to be boxed up and shipped right to your doorstep. Better yet, if you want to order GMC parts online, we can do it quickly. We make it affordable, too. All the GMC parts you receive are brand new parts shipped directly to you from the dealer.