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Genuine GMC Parts

GMC, is a key division of the renowned General Motors Group, GMC has been tirelessly manufacturing quality automobiles for over a century. GMC has made everything from battlefield ambulances in use during World War I and World War II, to the post war family vehicles, decades later, like the powerful GMC Sierra. GMC's specialty is trucks, SUVs, vans and pickups. One of the most luxurious offerings from GMC is the spacious Denali, delivering a luxurious yet powerful driving experience. Through its many years of experience GMC has always embodied emphasizing engineering excellence and innovation, creating both highly esteemed vehicles as well as GMC parts.

GMC embodies robust capabilities and luxurious utility. The GMC Sierra was introduced in 1962, and over the years has built a strong legacy of reliability in the full-size pickup truck market. GMCs are meticulously crafted, and highly renowned for their powerful performance, versatile configuration, and advanced technology, navigating challenging terrains with poise and grace. GMC vehicles embody the brand's pursuit of combining workhorse durability with contemporary sophistication, solidifying vehicles like the Suburban to iconic status for many years to come.

GMC, known for its durable and luxurious vehicles, has included efficient powertrains across its lineup. The GMC Yukon features a variety of engine options such as the 3.0L Duramax Turbo Diesel and the robust 6.2L V8 engine, enjoying smooth sifting and optimal fuel efficiency in any driving condition. In addition to this, the 2022 GMC terrain employs a 1.5L Turbo engine combined with a 9-speed automatic transmission, these GMC parts balance efficiency and performance in a compact SUV, which delivers a powerful, yet thrilling driving experience. GMC's continued commitment to excellence in advanced technologies, and robust performance is emboldened by the AT5 with advanced off-road capabilities and powerful engines, and drivetrains. By continuously innovating GMC has effectively merged power, efficiency, and technological advancements in all its latest engine and transmission configurations. GMC owners all over the world experience unparalleled excellence when driving a powerful GMC vehicle.

OEM GMC parts are the best in terms of quality. They are made following GMC's official factory standards to ensure their durability and fit. These parts go through rigorous quality control tests to minimize any flaws or imperfections. If you're in search of top Tier GMC parts, including Transmission - Manual, Windshield, Wiper, Mirrors, Instrument Panel, Console, Doors, we highly recommend choosing from GMPartsGiant's vast selection of OEM GMC parts, like Front Suspension, Steering, Transfer Case. Not only does GMPartsGiant offer Genuine GMC parts, such as Rear Body Structure, Moldings & Trim, Cargo Stowage at the most competitive prices, but also all our parts come with the original GMC warranty and speedy delivery for your convenience.

GMC Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: What is the purpose of fuse and how can you check if they are functioning properly for GMC Canyon?
    A: The electrical circuits of a vehicle are protected by a combination of fuses, circuit breakers, and fusible links. These protective devices are located in the fuse-relay panel in the engine compartment. Each fuse is designed to protect a specific circuit, and the fuse panel itself identifies the various circuits. There are different sizes of fuses, including small, medium, and large, all with the same blade terminal design. While medium and large fuses can be removed with fingers, small fuses require pliers or a small plastic fuse-puller tool. When an electrical component fails, it is important to check the fuse first. This can be done using a test light to check for power at the exposed terminal tips of each fuse. If power is present on one side but not the other, the fuse is blown. Blown fuses can also be visually inspected. It is crucial to replace blown fuses with the correct type, as fuses of different ratings may be physically interchangeable but should not be used. The amperage value of each fuse is molded into the top of the fuse body. If a replacement fuse immediately fails, it is necessary to isolate and correct the cause of the problem, which is often a short circuit in the wiring caused by a broken or deteriorated wire. In addition to fuses, some circuits are protected by fusible links. These links are used in circuits that are not typically fused, such as those between the battery and the alternator or in the circuit to the starter or underhood electrical center. Fusible links are short lengths of heavy wire marked as such on the outer cover. To replace a fusible link, the negative battery cable must be disconnected, and the damaged link can be cut out of the wire behind the connector. The insulation is then stripped back, and the exposed wire strands are spread apart, pushed together, and twisted in place. The wires are soldered together using rosin core solder, and electrical tape is used to cover the soldered joint. Finally, the negative battery cable is reconnected, and the circuit is tested for proper operation.
  • Q: How to Check and Replace a Fan Clutch and cooling fan for GMC Savana?
    A: All models are equipped with thermostatically controlled fan clutches. To check the clutch, start the engine when it is lukewarm and let it run for two minutes. For safety purposes, remove the key from the ignition switch. Turn the fan blades and note the resistance, which should be moderate depending on temperature. Drive the vehicle until the engine is warmed up, then shut it off and remove the key. Turn the fan blades again and there should be a noticeable increase in resistance. If the fan clutch fails this check or is locked up solid, replacement is necessary. Additionally, if there is excessive fluid leaking from the hub or lateral play over 1/4-inch is noted, the fan clutch should be replaced. To remove the radiator fan clutch, remove the air cleaner assembly, intake duct, and coolant reservoir. Detach any hoses attached to the upper fan shroud and remove the upper fan shroud. Use special fan wrenches to remove the cooling fan assembly by loosening the clutch nut counterclockwise. Lift the fan assembly out of the engine compartment and remove the fasteners securing the fan to the fan clutch. Installation is the reverse of removal, ensuring all fasteners are tightened securely.
  • Q: How to remove and replace battery cables for GMC Acadia?
    A: Always disconnect the negative battery cable first and reconnect it last to avoid shorting the battery. Even when replacing the positive cable, disconnect the negative one first. Remove old cables from the battery and their opposite ends. Note their routing for correct installation. If replacing, buy identical new cables using old ones as reference. Clean solenoid or ground connection threads with a wire brush and apply corrosion inhibitor. Attach the cable securely to the solenoid or ground. Ensure new cable reaches the battery post without stretching before connecting. Connect to the positive terminal first, then the negative.