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About GMC Terrain

GMC Terrain is a mid-size crossover utility vehicle (CUV) manufactured by General Motors' GMC division since August 10, 2009. The first GMC Terrain was introduced in 2009 as the replacement of the Pontiac Torrent. It slots below the GMC Acadia as GMC's smallest SUV. GMC Terrain was sold since 2010 in North America and 2011 in the Middle East; however, it was called as Opel Antara in the Middle East between 2008 and 2010.
The GMC Terrain debuted at the 2009 New York International Auto Show as a 2010 model. It shared engineering and the same platform, drivetrain and interior components with the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox. As a 5-door CUV, GMC Terrain was powered by a 2.4 L 182 hp Ecotec LAF inline 4-cylinder engine with 172 lb of torque from 2010 to 2011, a 2.4 L 182 hp Ecotec LEA inline 4-cylinder engine with 172 lb of torque since 2012, a 3.0 L 264 hp High Feature LF1 or LFW V6 engine with 222 lb of torque from 2010 to 2012 and a 3.6 L 301 hp High Feature LFX V6 engine with 272 lb of torque since 2013. And inline 4-cylinder engines were mated to 6-speed 6T45 automatic transmission while V6 engines were attached to 6-speed 6T70 automatic transmission.

GMC Terrain Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a SUV, GMC Terrain has to deal with different harsh road conditions. In this way, GMC Terrain would display problems as any other cars that burden a lot. These common problems include:
First, excessive oil consumption. This problem is not only troublesome but also money-consuming. GMC Terrain drivers said that besides bad gas mileage, slow acceleration, engine misfiring or stalling, leaking coolant caused overheating engine as well as ticking or clanking noise from the cylinder head also happened a lot. If the Check Engine Light in your GMC Terrain comes on, you can try checking the spark plug, head gasket, rocker arm, crankshaft gear and coolant temperature sensor before get it inspected thoroughly.
Second, transmission failure. There are many GMC Terrain owners complained about this problem. They said when the vehicle reached at 76,595 miles, this problem emerged. Specific symptoms included the indicator did not match the gear and the vehicle could not be turned off. Sometimes, Terrain would start in another gear or not go into gear at all. If similar symptoms are what your Terrain is experiencing, you can try checking the shift cable and automatic transmission assembly.
While some other auto parts used frequently and easy to go wrong should get good maintenance. Wiper blade or windshield wiper is designed for sweeping off debris on windscreen so that driving vision won't get blocked. Seat belt is for protecting occupants and wheel cover is for stopping accumulation on wheels. They may all look unimpressive; however, all play important roles in your driving experience.
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