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About Pontiac

Pontiac is an American automobile brand owned, manufactured, and marketed by General Motors. It was launched as a complementary brand to GM's more expensive range of vehicles. In 1933, the brand surpassed the parent brand in popularity. Today, the brand offers a wide range of sports cars and SUVs. The Pontiac V8 engine is a family of V8 engines with overhead valves. These engines get a cast-iron block and head and two valves per cylinder. The engine block and heads were cast at a foundry in Saginaw and then assembled at the engine factory in Tonawanda before being shipped to Pontiac for assembly. Originally sold with a 4.7L engine, the other engines were also available with carburetors, fuel injection, and turbochargers. We are an excellent resource for the replacement and upgrade of Pontiac automotive parts and accessories.
The 6.4L version was very popular in the 1960s. It helped establish the Pontiac GTO as a premium muscle car. It was split to produce an unusually economical, high-torque four-cylinder engine. Unusually for a major automaker, Pontiac did not have the small and large engine families typical of other divisions. In fact, all of Pontiac's V8 engines were small. Pontiac began production in 1926 as a separate division of General Motors in Oakland. Pontiac successfully competed with more expensive four-cylinder models with flathead six-cylinder engines. By 1932, it was the only one left. In addition to the straight-six engines, it also used a V8 engine for one year. Pontiac's straight-eight engine was introduced in 1933. The company owners should choose the best available, affordable replacement parts.

Masterpieces of Pontiac

No matter what kind of car you have, we will help you make your Pontiac drives like Pontiac with the original equipment. We start with 4-pin main bearings and crankshaft mounts that reduce oil friction in the crankshaft. The 400 4-cylinder engine offers a popular choice for many vehicles. Combined with other high-flow components, it provides a balance of low torque and high power. As Pontiac continued to offer engines with high performance to compete in the performance car market, the Pontiac 400 was reviewed to see how it could be improved to provide better performance while meeting CAFE standards. The 400 series get a special WS6 package as standard equipment. The 1979 Trans Am with the W72/WS6 engine is considered one of the easiest cars to drive during that decade, as the engine manufacturer gave it more power than any other competitor on the market at the time and better handling. Our parts and accessories are top-quality replacements designed for your Pontiac model.
In 1991, the company introduced the 4T60-E, an electronically controlled 4T60 transmission. By the mid-1990s, the 4T60-E was used in almost all GM front-wheel-drive vehicles, except small cars. The durable 4T60-E HD was introduced in 1996 with a 3,800-cubic-inch spark-ignition engine. It was used in four different models from mid-2005 through 2009 with an LS4 V8 engine. The 4T60-E had a 245 mm torque converter with various gear and brake ratios. For example, the Beretta 95 had a 1650-rpm converter, while the Century 99 had a 2095-rpm converter. The combination of the 4T60 gear family and the differential gears allows up to 12 different final drive ratios. This allows the gear family to cover a wide range of engine and vehicle applications. Semi-automatic axles should only be replaced if you are certain that it is the same part. Up to 12 different ratios are possible. Electric clutches for different applications and power levels are not compatible.