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The Pontiac G3, launched in the United States in 2009, is a compact sedan notable for its similarities to the Chevrolet Aveo, differing primarily in its interior design and emblem placement. Built on the T200 platform, the G3 prioritizes fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective option both in terms of initial purchase and ongoing maintenance. Available as both a sedan and a hatchback, the G3 boasts curved lines extending from the front to the tailgate, with a side window in the C/D pillar on the five-door model. Constructed predominantly from galvanized steel, the G3 leverages high-strength steel for 46% of its primary structural parts and uses specially welded bracket parts to enhance strength while reducing weight. The front axle features MacPherson springs with offset coil springs and anti-roll bars, while an independent torsion beam suspension is at the rear. Internally, the G3 is equipped with ISOFIX child seat anchors. Under the hood, it houses a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 106 horsepower and 105 lb-ft of torque, paired with either a standard five-speed manual transmission or an optional four-speed automatic transmission. Its compact dashboard includes a unique glove box next to the steering wheel, and its swift steering contributes to respectable handling for a car of its size. Offered in a single trim level, the G3 features standard side airbags and optional anti-lock brakes. Its robust body structure ensures a smooth ride, with only significant impacts affecting its suspension. With its compact size and straightforward controls, the G3 is easy to drive, and despite some chassis flex in corners, it stands as a versatile vehicle for daily commuting or regular usage. Its characteristic curves, commanding presence, and impressive towing capacity make the Pontiac G3 a classic choice among drivers.

The Pontiac G3 has been identified with a trio of prevalent issues, each posing its own set of challenges for owners. First, the 2009 and 2006 models are notorious for intermittent stalling, especially during acceleration between speeds of 10 and 60 Km/hr. This unsettling phenomenon entails the engine throttle disconnecting, rendering the accelerator momentarily unresponsive, and in some cases, causing the engine to turn off. Despite many dealerships struggling to identify the root cause owing to an absence of error codes, insights from the user community suggest a likely issue with the O2 sensor, be it due to a defective batch or a need for an updated version. Furthermore, the 2006 model's stalling hitches have been linked to the crankshaft position sensor and the mass air flow sensor. Yet, replacements have not consistently resolved the issue, leading experts to suggest that both cam and crank sensors should be synchronized for optimal functionality. The second distinct issue pertains to occasional ignition troubles. At times, turning the key does not start the vehicle immediately, but re-attempts often work. This intermittent ignition failure is attributed to potential malfunctions in the ignition switch or the safety neutral switch, and owners are advised to consult their dealers, especially if warranties are active. Lastly, the sunroof has its share of problems. Many owners report their sunroofs jamming, mostly when open, seemingly because of the interior sliding cover. Although the motor seems functional, the sunroof doesn't close entirely. Probable causes include damaged sunshade clips, runner obstructions, or even blockages in the drain tubes. To address this, users are advised to inspect electrical connections and ensure the motor receives power, with a thorough review recommended to identify the exact issue definitively.

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