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About Cadillac

Cadillac was born in 1902. It is an American luxury auto in the industry. Over the past century, this company has brought many high-quality parts to the world. Henry Martyn Leland was a producer of automotive parts. He founded the Cadillac. This brand is owned by General Motors. It has been known for its comfortable and senior-friendly design since its foundation. It has also created new models to cater to the younger generation in recent years. The brand has 37 markets around the world. Its major markets are America, Canada, and China. The year 2019 witnessed 390,458 vehicles sold worldwide. This figure broke the record in the company's history. Cadillac now includes a wide range of models: coupes, sedans, crossovers, and SUVs.
Since its debut, Cadillac has won recognition for its technology and premium products. In 1909, GM purchased it. Then this brand started its innovative journey. Cadillac advanced auto mass production and industrial technology. The company released the V8 engine in 1915. This part set the American automotive industry standard. It was a good example to show Cadillac's position in terms of auto technological parts.
Cadillac has many popular parts and products. For example, the brand is famous for its tail fins and tail lights. The tail fin is a factor in its success. After the Second World War, it made a big name for its tail-finned and chrome-laden cars again. This design was popular among many athletes and actors. Those people became its free advertising endorsers. This brand also set a trend of postwar automotive style in America. Vertical tail lights were another factor. In the 1960s, this new styling cue further highlighted the auto's fashion attribute. The Fleetwood Sixty Special adopted this part and became a hit in that decade. Cadillac will make its market larger because of these practical products.
Cadillac faced a downward trend from the 1970s to the 1980s. At the end of the 1990s, it started to pursue an "Art & Science" design. Features of severe lines and stacked headlamps have made its sales skyrocket. The Escalade SUV and the CTS sport sedan also adopted this design. Cadillac has tried its best to refine the auto performance, product quality, and styling. It won back customers later. And now engines, lines, handling, and OEM parts have become its exclusive symbols.