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Genuine Cadillac Parts

Cadillac is a luxury division of General Motors, which introduced the V8 engine in 1915. Cadillac has been creating enviable automobiles for over 100 years. Cadillac is known for its comfort, luxury, and prestige. Cadillac's offerings include coupes and SUVs. And of course the legendary Cadillac Escalade. Cadillac has been known for defining post war American style and luxury. Cadillac cars and Cadillac parts embody an "Art & Science" philosophy which firmly positions itself as a luxury leader with exceptional performance, quality, and bold styling.

The Cadillac Escalade has stood out among all luxury SUVs across the industry. Many celebrities, diplomats, and high profile figures can often be seen driving or being driven in the Cadillac. The president of the United States even drives a custom Cadillac referred to as "The Beast". The Escalade has become synonymous with opulence and prestige, combining its robust performance, with expansive spacious interiors, and state-of-the-art technology. The Cadillac Escalade combines power with luxury, which makes it a symbol of wealth, safety, power, and status across the world.

Cadillac, while symbolizing lavish luxury and high tech innovation, also impresses with its engine and transmission offerings. The stylishly athletic 2022 CT5-V Blackwing employs a powerful 6.2L Supercharged V8 engine, outputting an astonishing 668 horsepower and 659 lb-ft of torque, making it the most powerful production Cadillac ever, while still enjoying the style and grace Cadillac drivers have come to expect from the brand. When paired with Cadillac parts like the 6-speed manual transmission or the 10-speed automatic transmission, enthusiasts will enjoy a truly thrilling driving experience unlike any other from this beautiful yet refined powerhouse. The groundbreaking 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ is an all-electric SUV, representing the brand's shift to electrification with its Ultium battery system. This beautiful electric vehicle allows drivers to travel in style in class unseen before in the luxury car market. These outstanding vehicles emphasize Cadillac's commitment to delivering peak performance, elevated driving experiences and a bold look towards the future.

For unrivaled quality OEM Cadillac parts are the ultimate choice. These parts are manufactured by Cadillac's official factory using top-quality materials and undergo strict testing procedures, ensuring outstanding dependability and long-lasting durability. Should you find yourself in need of new Cadillac parts, such as Front End Sheet Metal, Heater, Body Moldings, Sheet Metal, Rear Compartment Hardware, Roof Hardware, Transmission - Manual, feel free to browse GMPartsGiant's extensive selection of genuine Cadillac parts, like Cab And Body Structure, Mirrors, Doors, Trim, Seat Belts, Wipers, Front Axle, Front Suspension, Steering. Not only are all our OEM Cadillac parts, including Rear Body Structure, Moldings & Trim, Cargo Stowage, Transfer Case priced competitively, but they also come with the original Cadillac, guaranteeing your peace of mind. At GMPartsGiant your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Cadillac Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How do you remove and install a Coolant Reservoir for Cadillac CTS?
    A: To remove the cooling system, start by draining it. On 2007 and earlier models, remove the left side cowl panel and disconnect the hoses. If the model has a manual transmission, unbolt the clutch master cylinder reservoir and set it aside. Slide the master cylinder forward without disconnecting the brake lines and position it out of the way. Remove the surge tank mounting fasteners and take out the tank. On 2008 and later models, remove the fasteners securing the coolant reservoir to the fender, lift it up to disconnect the hoses, and disconnect the fluid level sensor if present. Clean the tank with soapy water and a brush to remove any deposits and inspect it for cracks. If a crack is found, replace the reservoir. To install, simply reverse the removal steps.
  • Q: How do you replace the injectors and Fuel Rail in your Cadillac Escalade?
    A: To replace your vehicle's fuel injectors and O-rings, relieve fuel system pressure and disconnect the battery. Remove the air intake duct and, for non-6.0L models, the intake manifold and fuel pump/rail insulator. Disconnect the fuel lines and injector electrical connectors, and remove the fuel rails and injectors. Remove the old Teflon seals and O-rings from each injector and clean the grooves. Install new seals and lubricate the new O-rings with engine oil. Reattach the injectors to the fuel rail, reinstall the rail, and secure it with new retainers. Apply thread locking compound to the fuel rail bolts before tightening. Reconnect the fuel lines, replace the fuel pressure sensor, and reassemble. For 6.0L models, remove the intake manifold cover and bracket, disconnect electrical connectors, detach the wiring harness, and disconnect the PCV hose.
  • Q: How do you remove the ignition coil assembly on Cadillac DeVille?
    A: To remove the ignition coil assembly, start by disconnecting the negative battery cable and removing the intake manifold service cover. Then, disconnect the electrical connector from the ignition control module and remove the radiator support cover, moving the radiator hose out of the way. Next, remove the ignition coil assembly bolts in the indicated sequence and take out the assembly from the valve cover. Inspect the spark plug boots for carbon tracking and deterioration. When installing the ignition coil assembly, tighten the mounting bolts gradually and evenly. For the rear ignition coil assembly, follow the same steps but also remove the Air Injection Reaction (AIR) vent solenoid. If replacing the ignition control module, tighten the mounting bolts in the indicated sequence. Finally, install the AIR vent solenoid and reverse the removal process for installation.