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About Cadillac Allante

Cadillac Allante is a 2-door, 2-seater roadster manufactured by General Motors' division Cadillac from 1986 to 1993. The first Cadillac Allante was introduced in 1986 with its body designed and produced in Italy by Pininfarina. It was produced to compete with the Mercedes-Benz SL and Jaguar XJS. Though it had been produced for only seven years, it did have made a big sales success and has been chosen as the 1992 pace car for the 76th Indy 500 Indianapolis 500.
Since Cadillac Allante was introduced, it offered hardtop convertibles, soft-top convertibles and cloth convertibles. It was powered by a 4.1 L 170 hp with 235 lb of torque, a 4.5 L 200 hp with 270 lb of torque and a 4.6 L 295 hp Northstar L37 with 290 lb of torque V8 engines. And these engines were fitted along with a 4-speed 4T60 automatic transmission and a 4-speed 4T80 automatic transmission. Cadillac Allante's production was officially ended on July 16, 1993.

Cadillac Allante Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Actually, Cadillac Allante is a really good quality and popular vehicle and nearly no people have expressed dissatisfactions about it. However, in order to help more Cadillac Allante owners diagnose and solve problems on it, we concluded some problems may happen to it:
First, engine problem. In general, the engine problem is the omen of the vehicle is going to break down, this is a serious issue deserves your attention. On Cadillac Allante, engine misfiring, stalling or performance reduced so that when acceleration, an obvious loss of power appears. Sometimes, difficulty in starting also happens. If any above signs show on your Cadillac Allante as well, you are advised to check the spark plug, oil filter, starter and timing chain guide.
Second, suspension failure. This is a very common problem in most vehicles and specific symptoms are listed for your reference. If you notice your Cadillac Allante starts to tilt to one side, which would result in uneven tire wear; bounce while driving; the most serious symptom would be the bottoming out. In order to avoid the most terrible condition appears, you need get your Allante coil springs, coils spring insulator or wheel bearing checked completely.
And in order to extend your Cadillac Allante's life expectancy, you need to do more. Windshield wiper or wiper blade needs to get new replacement at least once a year. Seat belt should get replaced after every accident and headlight should also get changed in time once it dims or flickers. The best way to maintain a vehicle is always to get old broken auto parts replaced.
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