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About Saturn

Saturn is an American car manufacturer. It is a registered trademark created on January 7, 1985, as a subsidiary of General Motors. It was an attempt to compete directly with imported and modified Japanese cars. Saturn began with the S series. They were produced as sedans, coupes, and wagons. They differed from other General Motors products by having an all-new chassis and flexible, impact-resistant plastic interiors. The brand also had its own factory. They assembled all Saturn cars at a dedicated plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Early Saturn cars were not designed for speed. They were equipped with engines ranging from 85 to 124 horsepower. They were the most fuel-efficient cars of their time. We know you need answers fast to get your beloved car back in working order. Whether you're considering maintenance, repairs, or getting Saturn parts for your vehicle, you can be sure to get the right product at the right price by purchasing Saturn parts directly from our parts department. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact our Saturn parts department directly.
Production of both Saturns began in 1990. And the Saturn SW was added in 1993. Saturn's first sports car, the Vue, did not go on sale until 2002. Its first convertible, the Sky, did not go on sale until 2006. During the brand's first decade of existence, the look of the cars changed only once. In the mid-1990s, design changes were introduced, but they were mostly superficial. The exterior was updated, and the interior was slightly enlarged. Saturn got off to a fairly successful start. The company was recommended by customers who appreciated its unique approach to customer service. But with the turn of the century, the novelty wore off. Outdated platforms and a limited product range caused GM to neglect the brand. Disappointing sales results made customers notice and decide to spend their money elsewhere.

Masterpieces of Saturn

Saturn's first compact crossover SUV was launched in 2002 under the name VUE. In 2002, it launched the ION. It replaced the S-Series. In 2004, Saturn launched the RELAY. It was the first one based on similar models from other GM brands. In 2006, the Sky roadster was launched. The AURA midsize sedan arrived in dealerships at the same time as the Outlook. The Outlook was a larger SUV than the Vue. 2006 was the last year of production of the Ion. In 2008, the Ion was replaced by the Astra, produced in Europe. At the 2008 North American International Auto Show, Saturn introduced the Flextreme concept vehicle.
In February 2009, GM announced its intention to liquidate the brand by closing or selling the division. It is the third such action in the 2000s. In June 2009, General Motors announced that the Saturn brand would be sold to Penske Automotive Group. The parent company will close all 46 Saturn stores in Canada by the end of 2009. Following the sale of the brand, GM and Penske decided that it was no longer economically viable to sell Saturn vehicles in Canada. It transferred After-sales, parts, and warranty services to other Canadian dealerships.