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    Saturn is an important automotive brand with parts and accessories that add a special touch of care for your vehicle. If you're looking to buy new Saturn parts and accessories, we have the best selection and dedicated service. is the best source for genuine parts and accessories.

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    Saturn was born of the vision as the car of the future and an all-American way to compete in the small car market with better quality, better designs and more cost efficiency. We offer replacement parts of the highest quality and standards that meet each specific vehicle's specifications at low prices.

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    Saturn vehicles are known for their reliability and fuel efficiency and prolonging the life of your Saturn can be enjoyable. We too are known for processing orders quickly and efficiently. Shopping on is the easiest way to get your OEM parts delivered fast straight to your door.

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About Saturn

Saturn brand belonged to General Motors. It was established in 1985. At that time, Japanese models saved more fuel and cost. As a result, Saturn was issued to capture the American market. Its flagships were affordable vehicles. They had high performances, firm paneling, and OEM parts. Saturn held a "no haggle" policy. This was totally different from other auto dealers. Saturn was popular in the early years. But this good prospect did not last for centuries. It went to an end in 2009.
Saturn was launched to sell smaller and cheaper cars in 1990. Austria and Japan were also its markets. S Series line of vehicles was its first product. It was then the most fuel-efficient one with 40 miles per gallon. The S-Series included 3 models from 1991 to 2002: coupe (SC), sedan (SL), and wagon (SW). Their good qualities once attracted a lot of customers. Saturn did benefit. In 1993, it has sold 500,000 cars in all. And in 1995, this figure reached 1,000,000. However, it only adopted redesign once in the first decade. Then, its advancement stopped there. Customers continually lost their interest in these "different" parts and vehicles.
It tried many ways to make a change. From 2000-to 2008, it expanded many models. For example, it launched its first compact crossover SUV in 2001, the ION to replace the S-Series in 2002, the REALY and the L-Series in 2004, the SKY roadster in 2006, and the Flextreme concept vehicle in 2008. But all of these were in vain. In 2009, GM sold this division to Penske Automotive Group. But the new owner cannot find another manufacturer to produce OEM parts and cars. So Saturn totally closed in 2010.
It was a pity this brand met a dead end at last. It was popular at the very beginning. It innovated a lot. It still discontinue with many genuine OEM parts left.