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About Satrun L100

Saturn L100 is a mid-size Sedan manufactured by the Saturn Corporation, the subsidiary of General Motors Company from 2001 to 2002 model year. The first Saturn L100 was introduced in 2001 to replace the Saturn LS. It is also a member belonging to the famous and renowned Saturn L-Series. Designed based on the European styled Opel Vectra B and manufactured at the GM plant in Wilmington, Delaware, Saturn L100 is a very nice vehicle that had earned very grades at the crashing test conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator.
The Saturn L100 came as a 4-door front-wheel drive sedan that could accommodate five passengers. And it had only one trim level. As a strong competitor to Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, Saturn L100 looked, drove and felt like them but was available at a lower price. It was also equipped with standard head curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes and traction control. At the same time, a new six-spoke chrome alloy wheel, automatic air conditioning and a rear DVD entertainment were also available. Saturn L100 was powered by the same 2.2 L L61 inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine as Saturn LS. And this engine was fitted along with a 4-speed GM 4T40-E automatic transmission.

Saturn L100 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though as a facelifted Saturn LS, Saturn L100 had its own problems different from LS'. For better maintaining your Saturn L100, you have the need to know these:
First, electrical issues. According to the data from, electrical issues are most common on Saturn L100. Some electric issues impaired the engine performance so that the engine could not turn over and the starter engaged but not spun the motor, at the same time, grinding noises or smoke appear when starting the motor. They told the L100 starter motor as well as the L100 body control module is often the culprits. And the L100 dashboard lights, L100 headlights and L100 turn signal lights are also vulnerable.
Second, suspension problems. Many experienced Saturn L100 drivers also complained about the defective suspension system affected their driving experience a lot. They said not only the clunking noises from the tire area distract their attention but also the excessive vibration makes it harder for them to control the vehicle. And they found themselves started to steering to the right or left unintentionally. If your Saturn L100 also bounces and bottoms out when driving and you find uneven tire wear, then please get the L100 coil springs, L100 ball joint, L100 wheel bearing and L100 control arm bushing checked completely.
While for your Saturn L100's perfect performance, you have a lot of efforts to spare. Some auto parts in your Saturn L100 can last as long as its lifespan, some are not and require to be replaced often. Windshield wiper or wiper blade is responsible for sweeping off debris on the windscreen to provide better visibility. As it is exposed to harsh working environment all the time, so you had better get it replaced at least every six months. Parts such as L100 cabin air filter, L100 seat belt, L100 fog lights and L100 antenna also should get maintained routinely.
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