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About Satrun LW300

Saturn LW300 is a mid-size vehicle manufactured by the Saturn Corporation, the subsidiary of General Motors Company from 2001 to 2004. The first Saturn LW300 was introduced in 2001 as a renamed Saturn LW2. Made of solid Germany feel, designed based on European styling Opel Vectra B, built at GM Wilmington, Delaware platform, Saturn LW300 was very popular as a front-wheel drive 4-door station wagon that could hold five passengers. It is really a great choice for young, patriotic and "outside of box" thinkers.
Saturn LW300 was a moderate-priced vehicle that equipped with DVD Entertainment Package, rear-seat entertainment system with six-disc in-dash CD changer, OnStar for detecting unwanted vehicle intrusion, leather seat, chrome wheels, anti-lock brakes with traction control, front- and rear-level air bags, and a larger fuel tank. The cabin of LW300 seemed notably quieter than the previous models and the high-frequency road and wind noise also got subdued. It was powered by the 3.0 L DOHC V6 gasoline engine that could produce 182 horsepower and 190 pound feet of torque. And this engine was fitted along with a four-speed automatic transmission. Saturn LW300's powerful drivetrain enabled it drive pleasant and stable in highway.

Saturn LW300 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Many customers with families expressed their fondness for Saturn LW300, which indicates that Saturn LW300 was very popular among families. And that is why you should know how to diagnose and solve problems on it before any accident happens:
First, engine and braking system failed. Many Saturn LW300 owners have repair experience, they described engine failure would manifest as burning oil odor, leaking oil coming from the valve cover gasket, activated Engine Oil Light, rough running and misfired engine. Some others also complained the Low Coolant Light would come on frequently due to leaking coolant, also the engine keeps overheating. LW300 valve cover gasket and LW300 radiator hose are often the culprits. As for faulty braking system, the LW300 ABS sensor should get replaced with new one.
Second, suspension and steering issues. According to Saturn LW300 drivers, they have experienced vibration running through the steering wheel to palms, swerving or nose diving while braking, taking extra time and extending the stopping distance required to a complete stop, uneven tire wear, leaking fluid and cracked bushing at attachment points, which gives out a tapping sound when driving over bumps. The LW300 shocker absorber is calling for a replacement. The steering failure, however, is often caused by a defected LW300 tie rod end.
However, in order to own a long-lived Saturn LW300, you should know some auto parts in it need regular replacement. Windshield wiper or wiper blade made of soft rubber and works on open environment and mostly under adverse weather conditions such as downpours, heavy snow or sandy storm and so on. So LW300 wiper blade is easy to wear and needs to be replaced at least once a year. Cabin air filter is easy to get clogged after long-time usage as its main job is to capture dust, pollen or any contaminations from entering ventilation and air conditioning systems. So, you should clean it off regularly in case any occupants may get allergic, especially those with respiratory diseases. Other parts such as fog lights, headlights, seat belt, and wheel seal and so on also should receive routine maintenance.
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