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About Satrun Relay

Saturn Relay is a minivan manufactured by Saturn Corporation, the subsidiary of General Motors Company from 2004 to 2007. The first Saturn Relay was introduced in 2004 to replace the predecessor Oldsmobile Silhouette. Saturn Relay was the first Saturn vehicle without polymer side paneling, the first Saturn that is a rebadged Chevrolet or Pontiac and the first and only minivan produced by Saturn. Saturn Relay also did well in the crash test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
When the Saturn Relay was introduced in 2004 as a 4-door minivan, it was available in three trim levels: Relay 2FWD (front-wheel drive), Relay 3FWD (front-wheel drive), and Relay 3AWD (all-wheel drive). And at first, Saturn Relay was powered by a 3.5 L LX9 V6 engine that could produce 200 hp and 220 pound feet of torque. Then in 2006, a 3.9 L LZ9 V6 engine that could generate 240 hp and 240 pound feet of torque was added, it can deliver faster acceleration and better response than 3.5 L engine. For 2007, th3 3.5 L V6 engine was given up and the 3.9 L LGD V6 gasoline/E85 engine was newly added. But all engines were fitted along with a 4-speed 4T65-E automatic transmission. However, after the last relay rolled off the line on November 17, 2006, Saturn Outlook crossover SUV replaced it.

Saturn Relay Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As the first automobile manufacturer made an entry into the minivan market, Saturn produced its first minivan Saturn Relay. Since it is the first, some design flaws found on it are very normal:
First, electrical system problems. As a modern minivan, Saturn Relay is equipped with many electrical parts. And as accumulation of mileage, these electrical auto parts start to wear and create some problems. The unusual noises coming from inside the car door and the power door locks do not work or behave erratically can be caused by a defective Relay power window switch. And if you have to press the button to roll up or down the windows or the window speed is slower or faster than usual and you can hear a clicking sound when you depress the power window button or power window is crooked, and then please replace the Relay window regulator.
Second, engine failure. Engine failure is an unavoidable problem that would happen to every vehicle eventually. In Saturn Relay, some owners told that they have to add fuel more often not only due to leaking oil but also the poor fuel efficiency. At the same time, the engine performance would reduce to hesitant acceleration and hard starting or inability to start. If the Check Engine Light in your Saturn Relay comes on and you can hear strange noises while driving, you had better go to confirm if the Relay air filter, Relay fuel pump, Relay timing chain and Relay spark plug are in good order.
More efforts need to be spared if the top-notch Saturn Relay is what you want to have. Besides the routine maintenance, you are also supposed to keep a closer eye on some auto parts in Saturn Relay. Windshield wiper, for example, due to being exposed to natural beat all the time; it should get replaced at least every six months or 3,000 to 5,000 miles in dusty and sandy region and at least once a year in a sunny and hot climate. Other parts including seat belt, headlight, fog light even air bag need to be maintain in a regular basis.
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