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About Satrun LW200

Saturn LW200 is a mid-size vehicle manufactured by the Saturn Corporation, the subsidiary of General Motors Company from 2001 to 2003. The first Saturn LW200 was introduced in 2001 deriving from the Saturn LW1. Still as a member of the eminent Saturn L-Series and designed based on European Opel Vectra B as well as built at GM platform in Wilmington, Delaware, Saturn LW200 finally responded public's calls for greater roominess and comfort, it was actually a facelifted version.
Saturn LW200 was available as a 4-door front-wheel drive station wagon that could accommodate five passengers. It had a larger fuel tank than its parent Saturn LW1 and received shoulder belts for the center rear seat position and head curtain side airbags for protecting head during collision. Saturn LW200 was offered in only one trim and got power from a 2.2 L L61 inline 4-cylinder engine that could produce 135 horsepower and 142 pound feet of torque. This engine was fitted along with a 5-speed automatic transmission. What's more, Saturn LW200 was equipped with anti-lock brakes with traction control, rear DVD entertainment, new taillights, silver dash trim, new cloth upholstery and alloy wheels.

Saturn LW200 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though it had more advanced equipment than Saturn LW1, Saturn LW200 still shared a fate with LW1, which is both of them could not get away with wear and tear as time goes by. Problems below are also common on both of them:
First, braking system failure. I bet every driver knows how important a well-functioned braking system is. In horrible accidents, it could save occupants' lives. Saturn LW200 drivers, however, found that the ABS (anti-lock brake system) Light would come on from time to time, it needs longer time to apply the brakes to stop the vehicle, at the same time, when they driving on slippery conditions such as wet or icy roads, they may experience tire slipping or loss of traction for more than a brief moment when stopping or taking off. These could be attributed to a faulty LW200 ABS sensor. LW200 brake pad is also vulnerable to cause noisy and poorly responded brakes and pulsating brake pedal.
Second, suspension and cooling system failures. According to Saturn LW200 drivers' repair experience, LW200 shock absorber is often the culprit. Normal symptoms of a failing shock absorber include vibrations while driving, which can be felt with hands on the steering wheel, swerving or nose diving while braking, taking more time to stop the car, uneven tire wear, leaking fluid and cracked bushing attachment points. As for cooling system failure, broken collapsed LW200 radiator hose could be the reason. Engine overheating due to leaking coolant and illuminated Low Coolant Light are the most obvious signs.
While for lengthening your Saturn LW200's life expectancy, at least not to shorten it, you have to spare more efforts on auto parts in Saturn LW200. Windshield wiper or wiper blade works mostly under harsh conditions such as sweltering sun or bitter cold, which in return, not only speed up the wearing speed of its rubbers but also increase the likelihood of breaking down. For better driving visibility, please make sure your LW200 windshield wiper is in good order. Seat belt could protect occupants from harm caused by sudden movement or horrible collision, so it should also be kept well. Cabin air filter, fog light, headlight and so on deserve routine maintenance as well.
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