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About Satrun LW1

Saturn LW1 is a mid-size vehicle manufactured by the Saturn Corporation, the subsidiary of General Motors Company from 1999 to 2000. The first Saturn LW1 was introduced for the 2000 model year as a front-wheel drive 4-door station wagon. It also belonged to the eminent Saturn L-Series. Inheriting the European styled Opel Vectra B and built at the GM Wilmington Delaware plant, it was similar as Saturn LS1 except it was a wagon and LS1 was a sedan.
Saturn LW1 was a popular vehicle as it was priced below its competitors such as Toyota Camry and Honda Accord but it had the same performance, similar equipment even appearance as them. Saturn LW1 was powered by a 2.2 L L61 inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine that could produce 137 horsepower and 147 pound feet of torque, the engine's output is no better than any V6 engine. And this engine was fitted along with either a 5-speed Getrag F23 manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission. Front air conditioning with manual mode, AM/FM stereo, seek-scan radio, keyfob remote keyless entry, heated mirrors and cloth seat trim were Saturn LW1's standard equipment. At the same time, it did a moderate work in safety as it earned Acceptable score in the moderate overlap front test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Saturn LW1 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As the first batch of Saturn's entry into the mid-size vehicle market segment, Saturn LW1 may have some immature design ideas, which could cause some problems on it appear prematurely:
First, cooling system went wrong. The importance of cooling system often gets overlooked as drivers could not find problems easily. But in fact, a poorly operated cooling system would shorten your engine's and vehicle's lifespan. In Saturn LW1, these symptoms could help you. Saturn LW1 drivers have provided that they could see leaking coolants at the front-center of the vehicle, and the water pump pulley became loose. Stem may come from the radiator. Actually, the most obvious signs remind you to check the LW1 water pump and the LW1 radiator hose are the illuminated Low Coolant Light and overheating engine.
Second, braking system failure. Properly run braking system may save your life during sudden movement or terrible collision. However, Saturn LW1 owners said the braking system failed prematurely. They found leaking brake fluid, heard abnormal noises coming from the wheels while braking and the LW1 pulling to the left or right unintentionally. Noisy and awfully operated brakes and pulsating brake pedal also made drivers risking while driving. So once similar symptoms appear on your Saturn LW1, the brake caliper, brake rotor, brake disc and brake pad set all need a thorough inspection.
A persistent prime condition for your Saturn LW1 is not easy to keep. There are so many auto parts working alone or together with others, you would not know which part will go break down. To erase your confusion, here we tell you what parts you should pay more attention to as some do will last as long as the LW1. Windshield wiper or wiper blade should get replaced regularly normally at least once a year, and for those regions with more adverse weathers, changing interval needs to be shorter. Fog light and headlight should get replaced in time for good visibility. Cabin air filter should be kept smooth for better air flow and lower possibility of allergy. So, keep in mind and put them on your maintenance list.
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