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The Saturn SC2 is from the Saturn S series of General Motors. It was equipped with the DOHC LL0 version of the Saturn 1.9L engine and was also able to choose the transmission for an MP3 manual one or an MP7 automatic one. The transmission parts that matched with the DOHC version engines have shorter and more closely spaced ratios for optimal performance, but, the MP2 manual transmission was not recommended to be installed with such engines due to fuel-saving issues. It also received revised power door locks and recalibrated automatic transmission in design and the pop-headlight design differed the model from its SC1 sibling. In 1995, the Saturn SC2 updated its taillights, the lower front bumper, and a front passenger's airbag was added to the new dashboard design that was upgraded to the newly redesigned interior. Though with these many changes, it was still capable of keeping its feature of having the fog light beneath the front bumper.

The Saturn SC2 has grappled with multiple recurring problems over various model years. Starting with the 2002 model, there have been significant coolant and antifreeze leak challenges. A frequent culprit is a cracked coolant pipe in the plastic intake manifold. Instead of replacing the entire manifold, a cost-effective solution is to substitute the damaged pipe with a metal variant, saving around $400, although this still necessitates the removal of the manifold. Another antifreeze issue appears near the timing belt on the passenger side, with the coolant mysteriously draining overnight. Temperature changes and the use of the A/C in the evening might exacerbate this issue. To identify the leak's source, placing cardboard underneath the vehicle overnight is recommended, with the water pump's seal or shaft bearing suspected as primary culprits. Turning to the 1999 model, notable brake failure problems emerged. Incidents reported in 2002 described complete brake malfunctions, one of which led to a vehicle rollover with the airbag not deploying. For the 2000 Saturn SL1, a related brake issue was highlighted where the brake pedal was mostly ineffective, with only the final 10% providing any resistance. Potential culprits include an internal master cylinder leak, emphasizing the need for a secure seal to maintain braking pressure. The model's redesigned ABS also underscored the importance of correctly bleeding the actuator valve. In a separate concern, the 1995 Saturn SC2 was reported to experience water leaks, both on the passenger side and in the trunk. Despite using silicone gel, the leaks persisted. Solutions include inspecting and potentially replacing door seals, adjusting the upper door frame, and resealing the drip rail molding. For the trunk, visual inspections for sunlight or conducting a water spray test can help pinpoint leak sources, with bent trunk lids and misalignments being common problems. Across all issues, seeking expert advice when uncertain has been consistently advised.

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