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The Saturn SW2, a notable member of the Saturn S-series, is a compact station wagon that holds a special place in the line-up. Launched alongside the Sport Coupe (SC) and Sedan Level (SL), the SW2 came as an addition to the SL and SC family. The vehicle is characterized by its 1.9-liter DOHC engine, producing 124 hp and yielding 24 miles per gallon in city driving. The SW2 offers either a manual MP3 gearbox or an automated MP7 gearbox. The SOHC offers increased capacity, while the DOHC provides shorter, more compact gear ratios for optimal efficiency. Apart from its engine and transmission, the SW2 is equipped with a range of practical features like 15-inch wheels, larger tires, EVO steering, suspension, disc brakes, power locks, power windows, a rear radiator, and a sunroof. The 1993 SW2 shares the same doors as the sedan, but its bodywork and roof behind the C-pillar are distinct. The second-generation SW2, introduced in 1995, saw several upgrades, including new seat belts and an updated interior with a new dashboard and a passenger airbag. The 1999 redesign added a small clamshell door on the driver's side for easier rear seat access, a feature previously found only in extended-platform trucks. In 2000, while the basic design was retained, the SW2 got a new-look dashboard, redesigned cup holders, and revised audio and air conditioning controls. Its chassis is made of impact- and corrosion-resistant polymeric materials, with the hood, trunk lid, and roof composed of steel. The Saturn SW2, through its multiple generations and enhancements, has proven to be a versatile and efficient compact station wagon.

The 1998 Saturn SW2 has been identified with a range of electrical and system-related issues that have caused concern for its users. One of the primary problems encountered with this model is the battery light illuminating unexpectedly. This illumination often results in a noticeable power loss, rendering the fuel and temperature gauges non-functional. Detailed examinations have frequently linked this particular problem to an insufficient voltage supply when the battery light is activated. This is a significant indication of a malfunctioning alternator. Further symptoms pointing to alternator issues in the 1998 Saturn SW2 include the lights dimming, gauges ceasing to operate, and, in more severe cases, the vehicle experiencing a complete shutdown. Interestingly, despite these complications, users have reported the ability to restart the vehicle after short intervals, suggesting that the battery, in certain circumstances, retains some functionality. Transitioning to the 1999 SW2 model, it has manifested engine-related challenges, notably the emission of white smoke from the exhaust. This smoke is often accompanied by a distinct odor and is coupled with tremors during the idling phase. Extensive diagnostics have attributed this to a possibility of coolant contamination within the oil system.

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