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The Saturn LS is part of the L series, a collection of automobiles, sedans, and station wagons manufactured by Saturn Corporation from 2000 to 2005. The LS is the base level of the series, produced mainly in 2000, and sits below the LS1 and LS2. It was available as a four-door sedan or a five-door station wagon, built on the GM2900 platform, and preceded the Saturn Aura. Notably, the LS featured a 2.2L I4 or a 3.0L V6 engine known for sound performance on highways and noise suppression. Transmissions varied, with lower trims offering a 5-speed manual as standard and a 4-speed automatic as optional, whereas the LS2 trim included a standard electronically controlled 4-speed automatic. The LS2 provided a combined mileage of 23mpg and outputted 182 horsepower at 5,600 rpm with 190 pound-feet of torque at 3,600 rpm. The LS could accommodate five passengers within its 190.4 inches length and 56.4 inches height, offering a cargo capacity of 17.5 cubic feet. The model had standard front-wheel drive, power front discs and rear drums for lower models, and power four-wheel discs with optional anti-locks for the LS2. Despite occasional quality issues, such as engine and chain failures and tire noise, the Saturn LS was a competitive mid-size family car with a strengthened body structure, including side-impact crash barriers.

Despite its solid design foundations, Saturn LS, being the brand's first mid-size vehicle, couldn't escape the effects of prolonged exposure to harsh conditions, resulting in common issues like engine and transmission failures. Users often report issues such as increased fuel consumption, loss of acceleration power, difficulty in starting, distracting engine noises, and an illuminated Check Engine Light, all pointing to potential issues with components like the air filter, spark plug, drive belt, and engine control module. Similarly, transmission problems are evident with difficulty shifting gears, grinding noises, incorrect gear starts, clutch slippage, and higher revs before gear changes. In such cases, inspecting the transfer case seal, shift cable, sway bar bushing, vehicle speed sensor, and clutch disc is recommended. Regular maintenance can be challenging due to the number of parts involved, but prioritizing components that wear out quickly, such as windshield wipers (which should be replaced at least once a year, more often in rainy regions) and other parts like cabin air filters, fog lights, and headlights, can save time and energy.

Every OEM part is meticulously built to precisely match the original part's specs. They also adhere to strict official quality control standards during manufacture to guarantee exceptional quality. For superior quality and affordable Saturn LS parts, such as Front End Sheet Metal, Heater, Body Moldings, Sheet Metal, Rear Compartment Hardware, Roof Hardware, consider our website. We proudly present a wide selection of genuine LS parts, including Transmission - Manual, Rear Seat Trim, Carpet at unbeatable prices. These OEM parts, supported by the manufacturer's warranty, are also eligible for our hassle-free return policy and swift delivery service.

Saturn LS Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How do you remove the expansion tank?
    A: To remove the coolant reservoir, drain the cooling system and disconnect the coolant reservoir return hose and air bleed hose. Plug the hoses to prevent leakage. Remove the coolant reservoir mounting clip and disconnect the Low Coolant Level sensor connector. Lift the coolant reservoir out of the engine compartment. Clean the reservoir with soapy water and a brush to remove deposits and inspect for cracks. Replace if cracked. To install, follow the reverse steps.
  • Q: How do you remove the control assembly in Saturn LS and LS1?
    A: To remove the A/C switch in a vehicle, start by disconnecting the cable from the negative battery terminal. Then, remove the dashboard center trim panel and the radio. Next, remove the retaining screws for the A/C switch assembly and rotate it to access the backside. Disconnect the A/C switch assembly electrical connectors. For manual A/C switch assembly, turn the temperature knob to the full hot position and release the temperature cable by pushing the tab forward while simultaneously pushing down on the cable. Remove the temperature cable eyelet by squeezing the drive pin and lifting. For both manual and automatic A/C switch installation, simply reverse the steps of removal and reconnect the battery.