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About Cadillac Seville

Cadillac Seville is a small-size luxury car manufactured by General Motor from 1975 to 2004. The first Cadillac Seville was unveiled in May 1975 to compete with European luxury automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. It had been through five generations altogether. As a very popular and successful American luxury car, it has won Motor Trend Magazine's Car of the Year and Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best List in 1992.
The fourth generation Cadillac Seville (1992-1997) was a European-flavored 4-door sedan introduced in 1992. Cadillac Seville was divided into two submodels: the Serville Luxury Sedan (SLS) and Serville Touring Sedan (STS). The SLS was powered by 4.9 L HT-4900 V8 engine at first and by a 4.9 L 270 hp LD8 Northstar V8 engine in 1994. The STS's engine also got upgraded from a 4.9 L HT-900 to a 4.9 L 395 hp L37 Northstar V8 engine. Other engine option is 4.6 L V8 engine. But all these engines were mated to 4-speed automatic transmission. An updated Cadillac Seville introduced in 1998 marked the start of the fifth generation (1998-2004). It still carried over the submodels from previous generation as well as the V8 engines and 4-speed automatic transmission.

Cadillac Seville Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a luxury car, high performance is always the pursuit of Cadillac Seville. However, maybe just it is a high performance car, its auto parts are more easily to wear and tear. According to Cadillac Seville owners, some common problems happened to it are as follows:
First, steering system problem. Based on the Cadillac Seville vehicle owner's descriptions, they have found the Traction Control Light was illuminated on the dashboard or instrument control panel or the steering wheel operated roughly and became looser. In some cases, they can hear clicking or grinding sounds while turning the wheels as well as the car would drive different after a front end alignment. The engine may slow down, stall or speed up then slow down. If any above situations occur to your Cadillac Seville, you can have an inspection on steering angle sensor, steering shaft or power steering pressure switch first.
Second, emission system issue. Emission system is not only an important part for a car but also for the environment. However, Cadillac Seville vehicle owner could smell exhaust fume odor while driving. At the meantime, they cannot pass the emission test as the hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions were too high. The Check Engine Light may come on as well. Actually, above symptoms may be cause by a failed air inject check valve, you can check first.
Apart from above mentioned auto parts, wheel cover, which works for the wheels is easy to go bad as well. It keeps from the dirt or moisture to accumulate on wheels so that the wheels can roll properly. You had better ensure its normal operation for your safety in case it is too late.
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