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About Cadillac STS

Cadillac STS (Seville Touring Sedan) is a mid-size luxury 4-door sedan manufactured by General Motors from 2004 to 2013. The first Cadillac STS was introduced in 2004 as the successor of Cadillac Seville. Though it is a young model, it has done a great work in safety, which can be proved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. They all give four or five star or "Good" score for Cadillac STS's safety equipment. In its short life, it had been through two generations.
The first generation Cadillac STS (2004-2007) was all-wheel drive with magnetic ride control suspension introduced in 2004. Available engines were 3.6 L 255 hp High Feature LY7 V6 engine with 252 lb of torque and 4.6 L 320 hp Northstar LH2 V8 engine with 315 lb of torque. In 2005, Cadillac STS-V was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. The second generation Cadillac STS (2008-2012) was launched at 2007 New York Auto Show. It still used V6 engine but produced a higher horsepower to 302 with 272 lb of torque mated to 6-speed automatic transmission. In Chinese market, a Cadillac SLS was introduced in 2006 for 2007 model year.

Cadillac STS Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As there are people express dissatisfaction about problems happened to Cadillac STS, we have concluded the most common ones according to their complaints:
First, suspension system problem. Though the suspension system on Cadillac STS is good enough to withstand wear and tear, it is evitable that something would go wrong as the accumulation of mileage. Common signs included when people drive over speed bumps or into a driveway, clunking noise would deteriorate and the tire would get excessive wear as well as loose steering while turning corner, in other words, poor handling. Actually, these signs are indicating that trailing arm bushing, control arm bracket or sway bar link need to be replaced.
Second, steering problem. Apart from the loose steering when turning corners especially during slow, wide-angle turns a whining noise also can be heard while turning the wheel. In addition, the steering wheel not only becomes slow to response but also very stiff. What's more, even when starting the Cadillac STS, it would produce squealing noise and even groaning sound. As sound always is the most obvious sign, you are suggested to replace your broken power steering pump if any strange noise heard.
Seat belt as occupant's protector in any sudden movement or accident and windshield wiper or wiper blade as the excellent vision creator, they should get good care as they will wear and tear as time passed by and increased usage times.
Cadillac STS OEM parts offered here are guaranteed to be the lowest-priced and highest quality as well as perfect fit along with the manufacturer's warranty. In a long run, you will find you save a lot of time and money on Cadillac STS genuine parts not on inconsistent-quality cheap aftermarket auto parts.