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The Cadillac Brougham was a line of luxury vehicles produced by Cadillac from 1987 to 1992. Built initially at the Clark Street Cadillac Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan, this full-size car featured distinct assembly nuances indicated by the 11th digit of the VIN, with "9" denoting a Detroit-assembled vehicle and "R" indicating an Arlington-assembled one. The "9" Brougham, produced from 1986 to 1990, often served as a "commercial chassis" vehicle, typically powered by a high output Oldsmobile 307 LG8 engine, with slight variations in parts depending on its intended use. While not overly powerful, these engines were praised for their reliability. The Brougham came with a cross-hatch grille in 1987 and 1988, replaced by a vertical-slat grille in 1989. It underwent a significant redesign in 1990, featuring a digital instrument cluster, composite headlamps, updated taillamp lenses, flush bumper moldings, new lower body moldings, and an optional 350 V8. It was also equipped with standard door-mounted front seatbelts. In 1991, the vehicle's LV2 V8 was replaced with a FI V8, offering a significant power boost. The final production year, 1992, saw no major changes to the Brougham's features or parts. Known for its luxury and performance, the Cadillac Brougham remains a notable member of the Cadillac family.

Cadillac Brougham models from 1981 to 1993 have presented two primary issues: intermittent rough idling and challenges with gear-shifting. The rough idling, occasionally accompanied by power loss, stalling, or backfiring, was suspected to arise from various sources. Among them are a potentially malfunctioning EGR valve, which could be addressed by disconnecting the vacuum line at the valve on the intake manifold's back. Inspections of vacuum hoses for leaks were also stressed, as was the importance of checking the throttle position sensor located on the throttle body's passenger side. After driving durations, the appearance of the SES light indicated a need to retrieve error codes from the vehicle's ECM for interpretation, which varied depending on the make year. Other potential culprits for the idling problems include the Throttle Position Sensor, Temperature Sensor, the early DEFI system's connectors, and issues with vacuum hoses. Gear-shifting concerns were reported, especially in 1991 Cadillac Brougham models, with some cars not transitioning into gear correctly. Causes were attributed to various factors, both electrical and mechanical. The significance of inspecting the transmission fluid's color and aroma was emphasized, with recommendations for fluid and filter replacements if anomalies were detected. If the problem persisted, an evaluation of the mainline pressure and shift solenoids by a transmission specialist was advised. Another gear-related problem focused on the malfunctioning auto-release of the parking brake, potentially originating from a faulty engine vacuum switch at the steering column's base. This malfunction might stem from a defective switch or a vacuum leak, either from the switch or the actuator near the brake release handle. In some instances, prior removal of malfunctioning switches added to the complexities.

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