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About Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR is a luxury plug-in hybrid compact coupé manufactured by General Motors' Cadillac division from 2013 to 2016. The first Cadillac ELR was introduced in 2013 based on the concept car Cadillac Converj unveiled at the 2009 North American International Auto Show. Though it enjoys a not very long life, it has been one of the five finalists in the Green Car Vision Awards issued by Green Car Journal, awarded "Best Production Vehicle" in the Eyes on Design, "Green Car Technology Award" and "Vincentric Best Value in America".
Cadillac ELR made its official debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show as a production 2-door coupé. It began sales in the United States and Canada in December 2013. There were four driving modes for it: Tour mode, Hold mode, Mountain mode and the Sport mode. Even as a plug-in hybrid vehicle, Cadillac ELR still gets power from a 1389 cc EcoFLEX LUU inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine mated to a CVT Voltec 4ET50 multi-mode electric transaxle transmission.

Cadillac ELR Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Even as a luxury plug-in hybrid compact vehicle, Cadillac ELR still could not withstand the wearing process brought by nature. After all, no matter high advanced it is, it is assembled by tons of auto parts. And these auto parts will wear and tear as time passes by. And here are problems would pop out when these auto parts being worn:
First, transmission failure. Actually, this is a common problem on most hybrid vehicles. On Cadillac ELR, the usual only solution is to replace the entire transmission assembly. And this problem would display signs such as fluid leaking, strange smell, and odd sounds. The Warning Light would also be activated to illuminate. If you have suspicion on your ELR's transmission system, these simple signs could help to decide whether you should change shift cable, shift linkage boot, clutch cable or the entire transmission assembly.
Second is the electrical issue. As a plug-in vehicle, this problem is not rare on Cadillac ELR or any other modern cars. Normally, if the windows are not working properly, not working at all, or only work from the master switch, then the power window switch on your Cadillac ELR needs to be replaced. And when the A/C auto model becomes faulty and appears inconsistent cooling and incorrect outdoor temperature readings, then you should replace your ELR ambient temperature sensor.
Besides, some daily used auto parts in Cadillac ELR needs good maintenance as well. For example, seat belt needs to be replaced after every accident; windshield wiper or wiper blade should get changed once a year in hot environment and half a year under humid operation conditions.
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