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The Cadillac XLR is a luxury roadster produced by General Motors from 2003 to 2009. Renowned for its electrically folding roof, Magnetic Ride Control adaptive suspension, rear-wheel drive, and a balanced 50/50 weight distribution, the XLR marked its territory as Cadillac's flagship model. Unveiled at the 2003 International Motor Show, it found production footing in 2004. Assembled in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the XLR utilized GM's Y platform and championed its own distinctive style. Standard features included heated and cooled leather seats, wood trim, side airbags, a DVD player, and a 7-inch screen navigation system. Under the hood, a V8 Northstar engine produced 320 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque, paired initially with a five-speed automatic transmission, which was later replaced with a standard six-speed automatic from 2007 onwards. Its design featured a long hood, rounded body, 18-inch wheels, and robust four-way exhaust pipes. In its final production year, 2009, the XLR was offered in a supercharged version that boasted 443 hp and 414 lb-ft of torque, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. This version also introduced new front and rear wings, chrome side arches, an upgraded interior, more powerful brakes, and new 19-inch wheels. The Cadillac XLR ended its run on March 31, 2009, leaving a legacy of sporting comfort and agility in the roadster arena.

The Cadillac XLR experiences several common issues, one of which is oil leaks, which can span from minor drips to severe leaks necessitating urgent action. Symptoms signaling an oil leak include decreasing oil levels, noticeable oil marks or pools under the vehicle, a burnt oil scent, and smoke emerging from the engine compartment. Driving continuously with insufficient oil could lead to engine damage, complete engine breakdown, or even pose a fire hazard when oil comes into contact with heated engine parts. The primary sources of these leaks include deteriorating gaskets that seal engine components, damaged seals in the crankshaft, camshaft, and oil pump, eroded oil cooler lines in models exposed to severe weather, and compromised oil filters responsible for cleaning the engine oil. Pinpointing the leak may necessitate a thorough visual inspection, particularly around the oil filter, valve covers, timing cover, and oil pan. If the root cause remains unidentified, a dye test, involving a fluorescent dye added to the engine oil and tracked using a black light, might be warranted. Preventing oil leaks calls for consistent maintenance, timely professional interventions upon recognizing symptoms, and using either authentic Cadillac parts or superior aftermarket alternatives. Another notable concern with the 2004 Cadillac XLR model is the separation of the roof panels. Instances where the roof latch inadvertently unlocks have been reported, posing potential safety risks, with some roof covers even being found dislodged on roads. Closer examination indicates that the covers might not sit securely on the vehicle's frame, likely due to imbalanced air pressure from the rear and side weatherstrips. This misalignment, compounded with vibrations and elevated temperatures, can cause heightened air pressure. The adhesive material binding the cover to the roof frame, suspected to resemble a 3M ribbon sticker, if improperly applied, could result in weak attachment. Other issues encompass the hydraulic latch system's potential malfunction and the roof's failure to lock firmly. Particularly in warmer regions like Florida, heat might weaken the adhesive material's hold, especially in darker colored cars, emphasizing the significance of the adhesive's application process for the roof's longevity. There are suggestions that extreme heat might cause the adhesive to give way, leading to wind infiltration, resultant noise, and possible detachment of the outer layer. Finally, a recurring problem for the XLR, predominantly in the 2004 and some early 2005 models, is the melting of the lens for the Daytime Running Lights. Even in the absence of an official recall, certain dealerships offer courtesy repairs. Addressing this mandates replacing the entire light assembly instead of just the lens. It's imperative to ensure the gaskets are correctly installed during this replacement. Overheating, potentially due to an excess current to the lights, is believed to cause this melting. When swapping the assembly, a straight, non-abrasive instrument is recommended to verify the lenses' proper positioning in their gaskets, both from outside and from behind the wheel.

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