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About Cadillac XTS

Cadillac XTS (X-Series Touring Sedan) is a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by General Motors' division Cadillac since May 2012. The first Cadillac XTS was introduced in 2012 to replace both Cadillac STS and Cadillac DTS. It is smaller than the DTS but larger than the STS and available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.
Cadillac XTS was put into production in May 2012 and launched in June. There were six trim levels available for it: the base XTS, Luxury, Premium, Platinum, and XTS V-Sport, which offered V-Sport Premium and V-Sport Platinum. Cadillac XTS was powered by a 2.0 L LTG inline 4-cylinder t/c gasoline engine exclusively for Chinese market, a 3.6 L 304 hp LFX V6 gasoline engine with 264 lb or torque and a 3.6 L 410 hp LF3 V6 t/c gasoline engine with 369 lb of torque. And engines were fitted along with a 6-speed6T70 automatic transmission and a 6-speed 6T75 automatic transmission. Then a concept sedan called the XTS Platinum powered by a 3.6 L 350 hp V6 engine was introduced at the 2010 North American International Auto Show.

Cadillac XTS Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

According to car repair statistics site, there are still many car owners have complained about problems on Cadillac XTS. In order to help other Cadillac XTS owners diagnose and solve these problems, we summarize two most common problems happened to it:
First, suspension failure. According to some Cadillac XTS owners, suspension failure in vehicle displays like excessive vibration and clunking noises while driving, swerving or nose diving when braking as well as longer stopping time, leaking fluid and unintentional steering. If you also find your tires wear unevenly, you can check the shock absorber, wheel bearing and steering knuckle just for in case.
Second, steering, braking and engine issues. In Cadillac XTS, steering problem is mainly caused by a bad tie rod, specific signs are shaky loose steering wheel and uneven or excessive tire wear. Braking issue shows as noisy brakes, pulsating brake pedals and score marks on the rotor, this can be attributed to a broken brake disc. As for engine performance suffers and metallic sounds, you can try checking your Cadillac XTS air filter to confirm if it got clogged.
If you want to enjoy the pleasure and comfort brought by the luxury Cadillac XTS, you need to do more. Seat belt is designed for making sure driving safety. Even in serious accident, it could protect occupants from harms created by sudden movement and crush. Cabin air filter is responsible for venting fresh air into the compartment so that a comfortable driving environment could make a comfortable driving experience.
If you want to keep your Cadillac XTS at the prime condition all the time, the best way is to get old broken auto parts changed into brand new OEM Cadillac XTS auto parts. You should have no concern about the high price of OEM parts because we own a wide range of genuine Cadillac XTS at the lowest price in the market. As all our OEM XTS parts would come with manufacturer's warranty at the quickest delivery speed, you could shop with confidence.
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