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Introduced in November 2015, the Cadillac XT5 is a luxury compact SUV designed to perform in challenging work environments. This successor to the SRX crossover, launched in 2016, became the best-selling model for Cadillac both domestically and abroad by 2017. The XT5 is the second model to adopt Cadillac's alphanumeric naming system and the first in their Touring range. Its technological features include a video rear-view mirror, a 360-degree camera, and a precision electronic shifting system, the first time Cadillac has replaced the traditional hydraulic gearbox. Design-wise, it maintains Cadillac's signature angular lines, a pointed headlights front, and a large chrome grille. Despite having a longer wheelbase than the SRX for a more spacious interior, the XT5 is slightly shorter overall. Its technologically advanced features include an improved CUE system, a standard Wi-Fi hotspot, and Apple CarPlay compatibility. Depending on the market, it comes with a front- or all-wheel drive and a new advanced 3.6L V6. The XT5 also features a cylinder deactivation system that allows it to operate in a four-cylinder mode for efficient driving. The 2020 model year brought significant mid-cycle updates including additional safety features, design tweaks, and higher trim levels - Premium Luxury and Sport. In sum, the Cadillac XT5 combines robust performance with luxury, making it a competitive player in the compact SUV market.

The Cadillac XT5 has been facing persistent brake squeaking issues, stemming from a variety of reasons identified by both technical analyses and owner experiences. Brake pads naturally wear out due to the friction they encounter during braking, and when they're significantly worn, a metal wear indicator comes into contact with the rotor, resulting in a distinctive squeaking sound. Additionally, those who recently installed new brake pads might notice a squeak for the initial 750 miles, attributed to the pads and rotors adjusting to one another. A more weather-related cause is the rusting of rotors, which can occur when exposed to high moisture conditions such as heavy rain or snow. This rust, when embedded in brake pads, can produce the squeak many owners report. Moreover, a lack of lubrication in the rear brakes, commonly of the drum type, can generate a squeaking sound if dry contact points are present. Compounding the problem, some brake pads, particularly the cost-effective variants with a higher metal content, will squeak as the metal interacts with the rotor, leading to recommendations favoring high-quality brake pads. However, the complaints from XT5 owners extend beyond these general causes. They've noted that the squeaking problem becomes particularly pronounced after the car remains stationary for extended periods and is prevalent irrespective of the weather conditions. In-depth inspections by some owners revealed rust in unexpected areas, not just the typical pad-to-rotor contact points. Others identified grooves on the rotor, potentially caused by hardened pad material. Notably, these issues were often reported in vehicles with just a few thousand kilometers of usage. Addressing the growing concerns, Cadillac took proactive measures by releasing a service bulletin that suggests a specific brake pad type to counter the squealing. As a testament to the effectiveness of this solution, several users have attested that a comprehensive replacement of all four rotors and brake pads successfully eliminated the problem.

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