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About Pontiac Trans Sport

Pontiac Trans Sport is a minivan manufactured by General Motors' brand Pontiac from 1989 to 1998. The first Pontiac Trans Sport along with its siblings the Chevrolet Lumina APV and Oldsmobile Silhouette with radical styling was introduced in fall 1989 as a 1990 model. Until 1998 when the production of the Trans Sport was ended, it had been produced through two generations.
Because the Pontiac Trans Sport concept car debuted in 1986 was extremely well received, the first generation production version Pontiac Trans Sport (1990-1996) was introduced in 1990. It offered base Trans Sport, Trans Sport SE and sporty Trans Sport GT trim levels. As a 3-door van, Pontiac Trans Sport got power from a 2.3 L inline 4-cylinder engine as well as 3.1 L, 3.8 L and 3.4 L V6 gasoline engines. Available transmissions were 5-speed manual, 3-speed and 4-speed automatic transmissions. Then in summer 1996, a redesigned Pontiac Trans Sport unveiled the second generation (1996-1999). There was only Trans Sport SE available as a 3-door or 4-door van. Also it was powered by the 3.4 L LA1 3400 V6 engine attached to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Pontiac Trans Sport Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a minivan, there is no doubt that Pontiac Trans Sport would be popular among vendors, caterers or people who love travels. The common feature in these people is that they have to load or haul heavy items for a long distance. In this way, these problems would happen to it commonly:
First, engine problem. According to Pontiac Trans Sport drivers, engine problem in Pontiac Trans Sport shows as improper cable adjustment, slow acceleration response. What's more, when the frayed cable is dirty, improper response or complete lack of response to acceleration when the gas pedal is pressed may happen as well. The cruise control may also work improperly. If any of these signs are showing on your Trans Sport, you had better get the throttle cable and fuel door release cable inspected thoroughly.
Second, electrical issues. In fact, electrical issues are really not rare on modern vehicles. After all, modern vehicles are all equipped with many electrical auto parts. And in Pontiac Trans Sport, as windows would not work properly or do not work at all. Sometimes, windows even only work from the master switch. The broken power window switch in your Pontiac Trans Sport needs extra attention.
While it should take every effort to increase your Pontiac Trans Sport's life expectancy, which includes trying your best to keep every auto parts in it at the best shape. For instance, the windshield wiper or wiper blade, work as the cleaner of your windscreen, it should get changer every year in hot environment and half a year in humid condition. And once your headlight or fog light is dim or flickering, please get a replacement as early as possible.
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