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The Pontiac Fiero, a sports vehicle, was the first two-seater coupe made by Pontiac, between the years 1926 and 1938. Other cutting-edge parts are concealed headlights as well as radio speakers that were built into the headrests of both the driver and the passenger. In response to the oil crisis, the company introduced the GT model with improved suspension, wider tires, and a V6 engine. The upgrade completely redesigned the suspension and upgraded the brakes and had optional parts, including a 140-horsepower 2.8L V6 engine. The 1988 Fiero was the car the company wanted to build and had given the Fiero the power it needed. In 1987, the front and rear door parts were changed on the base SE model. Power from the four-cylinder engine was increased to 98 hp with a number of significant changes, including parts like a roller camshaft, a revised intake manifold, DIS, and an open chamber cylinder head.

While the Pontiac Fiero is known for high performance, it isn't immune to wear and tear with mileage accumulation. The most reported issue by owners includes the car stalling or refusing to start after the engine warms up, often accompanied by squealing or rattling sounds from the timing cover area. Frequent engine stalls and misfires that activate the Check Engine Light and lead to a no-start condition are common, which might be due to issues with the timing belt tensioner, timing chain tensioner, or fuel pump. Another significant problem is transmission failure, manifested by increasingly soft clutch pedals, delayed response when releasing them, slow acceleration, and gear slipping. A burnt odor coupled with clutch vibrations during driving indicates potential issues with the flywheel or shift linkage boot. Regular maintenance of frequently used and easily worn auto parts, such as the windshield wiper, seat belt, and headlight, is also crucial for the Fiero's optimal performance.

Original equipment manufacturer parts are the best in terms of quality. Manufactured using the top materials to ensure their durability, genuine parts are the #1 choice to keep your vehicle at peak performance. They are also designed to match official Pontiac factory specifications for easy installation and a snug fit. In search of high-grade parts, including Front End Sheet Metal, Heater, Body Moldings, Sheet Metal, Rear Compartment Hardware, Roof Hardware that are easy on the wallet? Welcome to our top-tier online store. We stock a wide range of genuine parts, like Transmission - Manual, Rear Glass, Seat Parts, Adjuster for your Pontiac Fiero, all competitively priced. Rest assured, our parts are supported by the manufacturer's warranty. Over time, you'll appreciate the significant savings and reduced hassle by choosing our trusted parts.

Pontiac Fiero Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to disconnect the negative cable at the battery and remove the air conditioning compressor?
    A: Remove the drive belt for the air conditioner; and after that disconnect the compressor's inlet and outlet hoses at rear. In your vehicle if it is equipped with a DA-6 compressor then unplug clutch coil terminals on top and high pressure cutoff switch on rear of compressor. For a V5 type of compressor, remove its clutch coil terminals on the top side as well as high side low pressure switch and high side cut-off switches from rear of compressor. Compressor mounting bolts should be removed from underneath vehicle as pivot bolt and tension adjusting bolts are easier to remove than any other part in this system. To lift out the rear end of the compressor first, remove it or lift through space between water pump and firewall finally to install new or rebuilt compressors simply reverse removal procedure.
  • Q: What are the ways to check the operation of a water pump while it is still installed on the engine for Pontiac Fiero?
    A: A failure in the water pump can cause overheating and serious engine damage because a defective pump will not circulate coolant through the engine. There are three ways to check the operation of the water pump while it is still installed on the engine. If any of the following checks indicate that the pump is defective, replaced it with either a new or rebuilt unit. Squeeze the upper radiator hose while the engine is running at normal operating temperature. If the water pump is working properly, a pressure surge will be felt as the hose is released. The water pump is equipped with a "weep" (vent) hole. If the pump seal fails, small amounts of coolant will leak through the weep hole. You will need to get underneath the water pump to see the weep hole, so raise the vehicle and place it on jackstands. Use a flashlight or a drop light to help you determine whether there is evidence of leakage from the weep hole. If the water pump shaft bearing fails, it will usually emit a squealing sound while it is running. Do not confuse drivebelt slippage, which also makes a squealing sound, with water pump bearing failure. Even before the bearing actually fails, shaft wear can be detected by grasping the pulley firmly and moving it up and down. If excessive side play is noted, the shaft or the bearing are worn and the pump should be replaced.