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    When it comes to new Fiero OEM parts at the lowest prices, we've been the top choice for decades. Our complete online catalog covers all Pontiac genuine Fiero parts and accessories. All parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty and shipped directly from Pontiac dealers. No matter where you are in the country, your Fiero car parts will arrive fast, cheap, and hassle-free.

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About Pontiac Fiero

Pontiac Fiero is a mid-engine sports car manufactured by General Motors' brand Pontiac from August 1983 to August 1988. The first Pontiac Fiero was put into production in 1983 and became first two-seater Pontiac and first mass-produced mid-engine sports car manufactured by U.S. automaker. Through its life, Pontiac Fiero had been on Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best List for 1984 and the Official Pace Car of the Indianapolis 500 for 1984 as well.
At Pontiac Fiero's introduction in 1984, there were the Fiero Coupe, the Sport Coupe and the SE trim levels available. Then it was powered by a 2.7 L 232 hp Super Duty engine with 210 lb of torque. Then the 1985 Pontiac Fiero added a new trim level GT. And powertrain became a 2.8 L 140 hp V6 engine with 170 lb of torque mated to a 4-speed Muncie transmission. The 1986 Pontiac Fiero was introduced on 12 September 1986, the available trim levels again carried over from the 1984 Pontiac Fiero and added a new GTP or GTU trim level. Besides V6 engine, four-cylinder engine was available all the time. In 1987, Pontiac Fiero offered base Fiero, Fiero Sport, Fiero SE, Fiero GT and Fiero Mera trim levels with 4-cylinder engine power increased to 98 hp. Then at the last year, the 1988 Pontiac Fiero was available in base Fiero, Fiero Formula, Fiero GT and Fiero Mera.

Pontiac Fiero Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

High performance is one big feature of Pontiac Fiero, however, as accumulation of mileage, it finally is subject to wear and tear. Specific signs of wearing on Pontiac Fiero are like this:
First, stalls, won't start after the engine is warmed up. This is the most reported complaint from real Pontiac Fiero owners. Besides these signs, squealing or rattling sound coming from the timing cover area also can be heard while driving. Engine stalls, misfires to illuminate the Check Engine Light and put the vehicle into a no start condition are really not rare. If your Pontiac Fiero is also experiencing these, you should check the timing belt tensioner, timing chain tensioner and fuel pump carefully.
Second, transmission failure. This problem according to Pontiac Fiero owners happen frequently. The specific symptoms of this problem include clutch pedals become softer and softer so that when releasing them, it would delay to respond. Sometimes, slow acceleration and as it could not change up to another gear, it would slip back to previous gear. If you can smell burnt odor besides feel clutch vibration when driving your Fiero, flywheel and shif linkage boot deserve a thorough inspection.
However, it is never easy to keep every auto part in your Fiero in order. You need pay special attention to these used daily and easy to get worn auto parts, for example, windshield wiper or wiper blade, seat belt, headlight and so on.
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