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About Pontiac Grand Prix

Pontiac Grand Prix is a personal luxury car and mid-size car manufactured by General Motors from 1962 to 2008. The first Pontiac Grand Prix was introduced to replace the Pontiac Ventura for 1962 model year. In its nearly half-century history, it had received some recognition such as it was rated as the Car of the Year by Motor Trend Magazine in 1988. The Pontiac Grand Prix had gone through seven generations until it ended production.
The sixth generation Pontiac Grand Prix (1997-2003) marked the beginning of the full-sized Pontiac Grand Prix sedans. It was unveiled at the 1995 Detroit Auto Show as a concept car and the final version debuted at the 1997 Detroit Auto Show. There were two trim levels of Pontiac Grand Prix available: the base SE sedan and the GT coupe and sedan (high-performance GTP package) powered by V6 engines with 4-speed automatic transmissions. In 2002, the Pontiac Grand Prix G-Force Concept car was unveiled at the Chicago International Auto Show and the production version was introduced at the 2003 Los Angeles International Auto Show marked the start of the seventh generation Pontiac Grand Prix (2004-2008). It offered GT1, GT2, GTP and GTP Com-G (Competition Group) powered by V6 and V8 engines with 4-speed automatic transmission.

Pontiac Grand Prix Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Auto parts on Pontiac Grand Prix will wear out as the increase of usage time, among those parts, two parts are the quickest to wear out according to the Pontiac Grand Prix vehicle owners:
First, hydraulic hose. Pontiac Grand Prix vehicle owners complained that once the hydraulic hose failed, they can hear abnormal noise, the fluid temperature got higher and the operation of the vehicle slow down. And transmission failure happened as well. If you have notices the same signs, please make sure to get a new hydraulic hose or rebuild your transmission.
Second, suspension and brake system problems. As for brake system, Pontiac Grand Prix vehicle owners found leaking brake fluid as well as corrosions on the driveway and the Brake Warning Light was on indicating the failing brake line and a vibrating steering wheel or steering pulling to the left or right and heard clunking noise showing they have a bad control arm.
Some replacement auto parts like horn using for warning others of vehicle's approach or presence or to call attention to some hazard are easy to go bad because of repeated usage, and the headlight switch using for turn on or off the headlights is also easy to wear. You should take attention those auto parts on your Pontiac Grand Prix in case they do not function as usual when need to be used.
When purchasing aftermarket auto parts, you can face an overwhelming selection of aftermarket auto parts with uncertain quality and without any warranty, to save your time and money, it would be easier and more convenient to choose directly the Pontiac Grand Prix OEM parts with greater assurance of quality, more reliability and a manufacturer's warranty. We also offer lowest price, stellar customer service and quick delivery.