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The Pontiac Sunbird is also known as the J2000 or the 2000 and is provided in 3 main types: a 2-door notchback coupe, a three-door hatchback, and a station wagon. An update was launched in 1982, and the second generation changed to the GM J platform and was marketed as a 2-door notchback coupe or convertible, a 3-door hatchback, a five-door station wagon, and also a newly-add four-door sedan. It includes a 97-inch wheelbase, rear-wheel-drive figuration, coil springs for all wheels, a torque-arm live rear axle rear and suspension, and short and long arms for the front suspension. It used a 2.3L inline-four Chevrolet series that was able to reach 78 horsepower with a standard one-barrel carburetor, with a 2-barrel carburetor being optional at that time. It elevated the output of the engine to 87 horsepower and the V6 was able to provide 110 horsepower. The latest engine parts were upgraded in 1992, with a 2.0L SOHC MPFI four being installed. The power of the Sunbird reached 110 horsepower.

The Pontiac Sunbird has exhibited three primary issues over various models and years: Overheating Not Drawing On Reserve, Squeaking in cold conditions, and problems with starting. First, the overheating issue has been observed even after new installations of essential components like water pumps, thermostats, and water hoses. The cold hose, despite a warmed-up engine, might suggest radiator blockages or inefficiencies. Proper coolant circulation, starting from the engine and eventually back to the pump after passing through the radiator, is vital. Any interruptions, including potential serpentine belt routing errors, can cause overheating, endangering the engine's health. Second, the Squeaking issue, more prominent in colder climates, emerges during start-up attempts, sometimes producing clanking sounds without the engine firing up. This problem might stem from incorrect coolant mixtures leading to freezing, affecting the water pump connected to the timing belt. The frozen state can prevent the timing belt's proper rotation, risking it stripping on the crankshaft pulley. Though Pontiac Sunbird isn't an interference engine, frozen coolant can cause cracks in engine components like radiators or cylinder heads. Upon hearing such noises after cold nights, checking the coolant's state and the radiator hose's firmness is advised. If the coolant is frozen, towing to a warmer location might be necessary, followed by thorough checks for damages and necessary replacements. Lastly, starting problems have been consistent across models. For instance, a 1994 model faced ignition issues, stalling unexpectedly, struggling to restart, and displaying unstable idling behaviors. Though potential culprits like the ignition module and crank sensor were considered, the central concern was the lack of spark in the ignition system. Experts advised checking the crankshaft positioning sensor and highlighted specialized tool requirements for ignition control module assessment. Similarly, a 1992 model had persistent ignition problems even after ignition pack replacements. Diagnosis directed towards the electric ignition module's possible failure, with additional emphasis on checking the safety shutdown relay. A previous expert's experience also shed light on a snapped timing belt as another potential cause, underscoring the complexity of diagnosing and addressing such issues.

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