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About Pontiac Torrent

Pontiac Torrent is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by CAMI Automotive (General Motors Canada) and sold under General Motors' brand Pontiac from 2005 to 2009. The first Pontiac Torrent was introduced in 2005 as the replacement of the Pontiac Aztek. With only four-year life, Pontiac Torrent had won one of the prizes in the reality television series Survivor in 2005 as well as Crisis Angel Mindfreak.
General Motors introduced the Pontiac Torrent at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show for the first time and then it went on sale in late summer 2015 as a 2006 model. Though the Pontiac Torrent shared its basic body structure and mechanicals with the Chevrolet Equinox, its front end and rear end were very different, which made it a unique Pontiac. There were two trim levels available for Pontiac Torrent: GXP and Podium Edition, which is designed for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games and sold only in Canada. Pontiac Torrent was powered by 3.4 L LNJ and 3.6 L LY7 V6 engines mated to a Aisin AF33 5-speed automatic transmission and a GM 6T70 6-speed automatic transmission.

Pontiac Torrent Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a sport utility vehicle, if Pontiac Torrent is really used for crossing over harsh road conditions, then these problems would definitely come for it. For your information, here are two common problems reported by Pontiac Torrent owners:
First, engine went wrong. General speaking, in Pontiac Torrent, drivers said when it reached at a certain mileage, engine would suffer from loss power of acceleration, misfiring or stalling. Sometimes, engine failure would make the vehicle get into a no start condition. Squealing noises coming from behind the dashboard and Check Engine Light coming on are also signs to warn you to check the speedometer and spark plug.
Second, electrical, suspension and braking issues. Electrical issue on Pontiac Torrent show as dim or flickering gauge, inaccurate or erratic readings from the voltage regulator, which caused by a faulty instrument cluster. As for suspension failure, common signs included clunking noises and excessive vibration from the front, culprit often is the broken steering knuckle. And braking failure often can be attributed to bad brake disc and ABS sensor.
And other than above mentioned auto parts, you need do more to extend your Pontiac Torrent's lifespan. Door handle used for every time when you enter and exit the vehicle, would also wear out as used times increase. Windshield wiper or wiper blade should get replaced once a year in hot areas and half a year in humid environment. Wiper arm, as the key part of windshield wiper should not get left out either.
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