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About Pontiac Grand Am

Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size and compact car manufactured by General Motors from 1972 to 1975, 1977 to 1980 and 1984 to 2005. The first Pontiac Grand Am was introduced in 1972 as a 1973 model. Roughly speaking, it had gone through five generations. In its ups and downs, it had made a difference. In 1982, Jack Ingram won the championship in the NASCAR in a 1980 Pontiac Grand Am.
The Pontiac Grand Am with a new body and a revised interior was introduced in 1992 for the fourth generation (1992-1998). There were four trim levels including the base LE, sedan, sportier SE and new GT. Available engine options covers a wide range varying from 2.3 L L40 inline 4-cylinder engine to 3.3 L LG7 V6 engine with horsepower increased year by year. And the transmissions were 5-speed manual, 3-speed and 4-speed automatic transmission. Then in late spring 1998, the fifth generation Pontiac Grand Am (1999-2005) was put into production. It then offered five trim levels: SE, SE1, SE2, GT and GT1. They were powered by 2.2 L L61 Ecotec inline 4-cylinder engine, 2.4 L LD9 "Twin Cam" inline 4-cylinder engine and 3.4 L LA1 "3400" V6 engine with 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions.

Pontiac Grand Am Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Pontiac Grand Am vehicle owners put forward some complaints about the car after a period of driving. As the accumulation of mileage, it is normal that below problems will pop out:
First, engine problem. People described that the engine would run roughly at idle and sometimes misfired or backfired. Or they can hear impact noises coming from the engine bay and feel excessive vibrations and engine movement. The most obvious is the intake manifold gasket got cracked and leaked or failed. You should check carefully your intake valve, engine mount and intake manifold gasket if you encounter the same symptoms.
Second, suspension system problem. Common signs about this problem included clunking noise and excessive vibration from the front and the driver could not help to steer to right or left. At the meantime, the Pontiac Grand Am could not be turned off or the real gear is not the same as the indicator shows. When accelerating, it responded slowly and cruise control won't work. All these could be put down to broken steering knuckle, shift cable or throttle cable.
Proper door lock could prevent thieves effectively, excellent power window switch could let you control the up and down of windows freely. However, they are easy to wear if used for a long time and repeated times. You should replace new ones once they work not as usual for your property safety.
Compared to the overwhelming selection of cheap and inconsistent quality aftermarket parts, you are advised to choose Pontiac Grand Am OEM parts for your valuable time and money. After all, Pontiac Grand Am genuine parts are from the OEM parts selection with durability, reliability and warranty. Besides, we offer Pontiac Grand Am OEM parts at the lowest price, and you can get it at your door in the quickest delivery if you order now. Please shop with confidence.