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About Pontiac Bonneville

Pontiac Bonneville is a full-size automobile manufactured by General Motors from 1957 to 2005. The first Pontiac Bonneville was introduced for 1957 model year as a limited production performance convertible. As of 2005, it has gone through ten generations. As a model with such a long history, it does have made some differences in automobile industry.
In the ninth generation (1992-1999), Pontiac Bonneville offered three trim levels: base model SE, mid-grade model SSE, top of the line model SSEi. It had several engine options varying from 3.8 L 170 hp Series II L27 V6 engine to 3.8 L 240 hp Series II L67 V6 engine. And the available transmissions are all different 4-speed automatic transmission. Then in 2000, a redesigned Pontiac Bonneville marked the beginning of the tenth generation (2000-2005). It still offered the same trim levels as previous generation except the added GXP trim. The engine also added new options except the 3.8 L Series II L36 and 3.8 L Series II L67 V6 engine, a 4.6 L Northstar LD8 V8 engine was added for the new GXP trim. While the available transmissions were still the 4-speed automatic transmission in different specifications as previous generation.

Pontiac Bonneville Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Even the Pontiac Bonneville boasts for a long history of development, as the increase of usage time, some problems are still unavoidable. And we have concluded the most common ones according to the Pontiac Bonneville vehicle owners' descriptions:
First, suspension system problem. Pontiac Bonneville vehicle owners are mostly without any mechanical experience, so what they can provide is the symptoms of the suspension system problem. According to them, they have found the indicator light or cable did not match the gear they are in such as when they moved from park to drive, it still said they were in park. Another phenomenon is they could not turn the Pontiac Bonneville off as well as it started in another gear. If you notice these phenomena as well, perhaps you need change your old shift cable.
Second, cooling system problem. As previous problem, Pontiac Bonneville vehicle owners described phenomena. They found the leaking coolant on the ground underneath the Pontiac Bonneville. Besides, the Pontiac Bonneville became constantly overheating, the left coolant became rusty or oil colored and the low coolant lights came on so they had to refill the coolant constantly. Based on what they described, it must be wrong with the radiator. If you meet the problem, you can try checking your radiator first.
You may know the importance of wiper blade. However, as an important component of the wiper blade, the wiper arm is the essence for keeping wiper blade operates properly. Wheel cover is also the essence of the well-functioning wheel. They are easy-to-wear auto parts, please remember to replace them regularly.
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