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About Pontiac Parisienne

The Pontiac Parisienne was a full-size rear-wheel drive car originally sold in Canada, but made its way to the US market in 1983. With luxurious upholstery on the inside and chrome accented Parisienne body parts on the outside, the Parisienne was an instant hit. The Parisienne utilized a FR layout, where the engine was mounted on the front and the vehicle was propelled from the rear wheels. Although Pontiac Parisienne auto parts had a reputation for low gas mileage, its larger body created more room for passengers and better ride quality. The Parisienne did come in a four door and a two door hardtops and convertibles. To this day, the Parisienne is wide recognizable by Parisienne car parts like its pointed head and wide broad lines from the hood all the way to the trunk.