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About GMC Safari

GMC Safari is a mid-size rear-wheel drive van manufactured by General Motors' GMC division from 1985 to 2005. The first GMC Safari was introduced in 1985 as the rebadged variant of Chevrolet Astro. When the last GMC Safari rolled off the assembly line on May 13, 2005, it had been produced through two generations.
The first generation GMC Safari (1985-1994) was introduced as a van seated up to eight passengers. In 1990, it was equipped with an optional all-wheel drive system. There were four engine options for the first generation GMC Safari: a 2.5 L 98 hp Tech IV inline 4-cylinder engine, a 4.3 L 165 hp V6 engine and a 4.3 L 200 hp V6 engine. And these engines were attached to 4-speed manual and automatic transmissions. Then in 1995, a facelifted GMC Safari unveiled the second generation (1995-2005). However, engine option became only one 4.3 L 190 hp V6 engine, which was fitted along with a 4-speed automatic transmission though.

GMC Safari Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a van, GMC Safari is very popular among venders, caterers and travel lovers. In this way, some common problems on such vehicles would also appear on it. Here are the common problems:
First, dexcool issues. This is the top complaint according to the repair statistics site Actually, this is related with engine. GMC Safari drivers said that when it reached only at 28,000 miles, this issue emerged. What's more, slow acceleration, overheating and rough running engine, excessively loud exhaust and poor furl economy as well as difficulty starting are only extra side compacts. If your GMC Safari's Check Engine Light is activated, you are suggested to check the spark plug, engine mount, water pump, EGR valve gasket, speedometer and oil pan.
Second, transmission not shifting correctly. GMC Safari drivers complained that besides transmission slippage and surging, vehicle power would lose partially and when attempting to switch gears, abnormal engine noises would be heard. What's more, it would be harder to shift gears and engine RPM is higher than it should be. Normally, this problem in GMC Safari is caused by bad torque converter, broken shift cable or faulty oil pressure switch.
Besides, axle shaft and drive shaft are also vulnerable parts deserve your extra attention. And cabin air filter is responsible for venting fresh air into the compartment should also be attached to enough importance.
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