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About GMC G1500

GMC G1500, as a van, was manufactured by General Motors. It was produced from 1967 to 1974. Also, it was powered firstly by a L6 engine ranging from 3.8 L to 4.1 L, and later a V8 engine ranging from 4.6 L to 5.7 L. In GMC G series, GMC G1500 was a 1/2-ton rating truck according to loan capacity.
Door Handle: Door handle is a simple but essential device used to open or close the door. It makes a GMC G1500 complete and it's hard to get in or out without door handle.
Oxygen Sensor: The oxygen sensor, or called O2 sensor, is designed to measure the volume of oxygen in a liquid or gas. Disproportional oxygen can cause your GMC G1500 higher emissions and slow acceleration.
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