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About GMC Sierra

GMC Sierra is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by General Motors, like its mechanically identical counterparts Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra also belongs to the famous long-running Chevrolet C/K line, it is the rebadged GMC variant of Chevrolet full-size pickup and its name was used since 1987. It can be used for commute, for hauling or for transporting. Basically, GMC Sierra has the similar history with Chevrolet Silverado and has been through three generations as well. The first GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500 were introduced in 1998 for 1999 model year.
When GMC Sierra was in its second generation (2006-2013), it offered GMC Sierra 1500 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive in HD, classic crew cab, extended cab and hybrid, also the Sierra Denali with all-wheel drive and the same submodels in GMC Sierra 2500 and GMC Sierra 3500. And all its engines were ungraded to V8 engine and upgraded 5-speed manual transmission and automatic transmission and added 6-speed automatic and manual transmission. Then in 2012, the third generation GMC Sierra (2013-present) was introduced at the North American International Auto Show. It has the same trim levels as its previous generation and 2016 GMC Sierra SLT and special edition GMC Sierra All Terrain X. Now, the GMC Sierra is powered by higher horsepower V6 and V8 engines with same transmission as previous generation and new 4-speed "2-Mode Hybrid transmission" 2ML70 for Hybrid trim level.

GMC Sierra Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Although, the GMC Sierra is famous for its good performance and high quality, some problems will appear while using due to the long-time driving or wrong using methods; here are the most two common problems:
First one, excessive fuel consumption. In fact, it is also a usual problem with many other cars. Some GMC Sierra owners complained that they have to add oil very often and the longer they drive the GMC Sierra, the more often they have to fill oil, which is very normal. It is very likely the spark plug or fuel pump has worn out and cannot function normally. Once this situation occurs, the fuel economy will be worse.
Second, vibrations while driving. GMC Sierra drivers put forward that they can feel severe vibration with hands on steering wheel and needed more time to let the brake function and heard noise when they drive over bumps. These symptoms may be caused by a wrong shock absorber, or your drive shaft has been failed or strut mounts or other parts are broken, you need to check and replace bad parts in case worse situation happens.
If you cherish your GMC Sierra, you must to keep every part on it perfectly. Then you should take notice to some auto parts that are easy to go bad as time passes by. Seat belt or drive belt is one of them, which is very important for you and passengers' safety as well. Fuel filter would be clogged or windshield wiper or wiper blade won't function as new one, all these parts need to be changed for new in time if you want to have a secure driving experience.
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