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Genuine GMC Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen O2 Sensor

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We offer a full selection of genuine GMC Oxygen Sensors, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Oxygen O2 Sensor results by selecting the vehicle.

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About GMC Oxygen Sensor

The small GMC oxygen sensor holds the primary function of measuring oxygen levels in your exhaust fumes, so that a computer can adjust and dispatch the most efficient levels of fuel to have your vehicle run just right. Also called an O2 sensor, the oxygen sensor operates by surveying oxygen levels that are found present in the exhaust. It then relays this information to the engine computer to relevantly alter the fuel to reach a stoic air-fuel ratio. You will find an oxygen sensor in your exhaust stream close to the manifold, and occasionally GMCs will have additional units the catalytic converter.
Oxygen sensors are easily removed with the use of a specially made socket attachment. In order to replace one, locate the sensor and disconnect any electrical connectors, then use the special socket tool to loosen the sensor. Apply a layer of anti-seize to the new sensor's threads, then reinstall and torque down to GMC specifications. As long as you have the specialized attachment, replacing your faulty oxygen sensor will be a simple and achievable feat. When you notice that your check engine light has come on, or your gas mileage is starting to dip, a deficient oxygen sensor may be to blame.
The longer you drive your car, the more mistakes you will find. Some of them are simple, while some are really serious problems. Some failing parts in the engine system can do more or less damage to engine, and do not wait till it is too late. Purchase a brand new and high quality replacement for your car, no matter it is a GMC, Buick, or Chevrolet. We will never disappoint you since we offer you the lowest price and dedicated service in your shopping process. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about part.
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