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About GMC Typhoon

GMC Typhoon is a high-performance mid-size SUV manufactured by General Motors' GMC division from 1992 to 1993. The first GMC Typhoon was introduced in 1992 designed based on the 1991 GMC Jimmy. As a 3-door SUV, GMC Typhoon was powered by a 4.3 L 280 hp LB4 V6 turbocharged engine with 360 lb of torque. It also was equipped with a 4-speed 4L60 automatic transmission.

GMC Typhoon Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

In order to lengthen your GMC Typhoon's life expectancy, you have the need to know about how to diagnose the common problems on your Typhoon and how to solve them. Here are the common problems:
First, bad gas mileage. This problem has close relation with the engine. And normally speaking, engine's lifespan decides the vehicles'. According to GMC Typhoon owner, as accumulation of mileage, the vehicle's fuel economy became worse and worse. What's more, engine run roughly so that an obvious loss of power when acceleration happened. If you do not want to waste more money on oil, you should check the spark plug, intake valve, oxygen sensor or timing cover. By the way, the most obvious signs of these broken auto parts are the clucking noises coming from the engine and the illuminated Check Engine Light when driving.
Second, suspension failure. This problem is also very common on GMC Typhoon. For your information, here are some symptoms that easy to identify for ordinary drivers who have no any background in mechanics. If you could hear a rattle or clunk when going around corners, particularly at slow speeds or wheels move too much and the steering wheel is in wobbling movement. Then you can ascertain that your Typhoon control arm is broken. And if you also notice that there are excessive and uneven wear on the front tires and brakes or the vehicle tends to bottom out, then you may need to check the coil springs, coil spring insulator or trailing arm bushing.
As your GMC Typhoon is assembled by different little auto parts, so its well operation depends on the proper operation of those auto parts, particularly some you may overlook. For example, though you would buckle up your seat belt every time, you may not know that it should get replaced every time after an accident. Both headlight and fog light bulb play important roles in proving clear road conditions ahead for drivers, they also should get well maintained, not to mention the windshield wiper or wiper blade that has the similar function in providing clear driving vision.
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