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About GMC K1500

GMC K1500 is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by General Motors' GMC division from 1960 to 1998. The first GMC K1500 was introduced in 1960 as a four-wheel drive vehicle. It has a loading capacity of 3/4-ton. Also as a member of the prominent and long-standing GMC C/K truck lineup, GMC K1500 is also very popular among loggers in the United States.
Just like GMC C1500, it was available in Base and Custom trim levels at first; then when it was replaced by the GMC Sierra, Deluxe, Sierra and Sierra Grande trim levels became available. Since it was released in United States, GMC C1500 mainly got power from a 4.3 L 155-160 hp LB1 90° V6 engine with 230-235 lb of torque, 4.8 L 115 hp GMC 292 inline 6-cylinder with 215-210 lb of torque, a 5.0 L 305 V8 engine with 240-260 lb of torque, a 5.7 L 454 V8 engine with 275-300 lb of torque, a 7.4 L 454 V8 engine with 340-385 lb of torque and a 6.2 L Detroit Diesel V8 engine with 240-246 lb of torque. Available transmissions were 3-speed manual and automatic transmissions and 4-speed manual transmissions.

GMC K1500 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a full-size pickup truck belonging to the C/K truck lineup, GMC K1500 also encountered some problems that other members has met during in use. In order to help GMC K1500 owners diagnose and solve these problems as early as possible, we have collected some common ones:
First, engine performance suffered. As accumulation of mileage, GMC K1500's engine got worn. According to GMC K1500 owners, when accelerating, an obvious loss of power would appear along with excessive oil consumption. What's more, engine misfiring, stalling, difficulty starting or noisy sound also troubled them a lot. Not only the illuminated Check Engine Light, but also a burnt odor happens on your GMC K1500, you should check the spark plug, exhaust manifold or exhaust manifold gasket and oil pan.
Second, transmission and suspension failure. On GMC K1500, drivers found transmission would slip or surge, which caused difficulty shifting gears. Abnormal noises coming from engine attracted drives as well. If you notice that your engine RPM is higher than usual, you should check the torque converter and oil pressure switch. And in suspension system, pitman arm and steering wheel deserve your attention.
However, it is never easy to keep your GMC K1500 at the prime condition all the time. Taking every auto part into maintenance list is really hard. For GMC K1500, what you need to maintain meticulous are door handle and windshield wiper or wiper blade, as they are more vulnerable than other auto parts.
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