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About GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia is a mid-size (full size until 2016) crossover SUV manufactured by General Motors since 2007. It is a so young model that made its debut in 2006 as a 2007 model. Though it starts to offer full-size crossover SUV in 2016, however, in order to compete with the Ford Edge and Dodge Journey, which are the mid-size crossover SUV models, GMC Acadia decided to return to offer mid-size crossover SUV from second generation. In fact, it has only been produced through two generations.
As a full-size crossover utility vehicle, the first generation GMC Acadia (2007-2016) went on sale in 2006 as a 2007 model in the United States and Canada. It offered four trim levels including SL, SLE, SLT and Denali though the SL discontinue offering in 2012. Available powertrain included 3.6 L 275 hp LY7 V6 engine and 3.6 L 288 hp LLT V6 engine with 6-speed 6T75 automatic transmission. Then in 2016, the second generation GMC Acadia was introduced at the North American International Auto Show as a mid-size crossover utility vehicle. It still carries the trim levels as previous generation but the powertrain becomes 3.6 L LGX V6 engine and 2.5 L LCY inline 4-cylinder engine with 6-speed 6T50/6T70 automatic transmission.

GMC Acadia Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Perhaps because it is a relative young model, some problems are easy to pop out after a period of using. GMC Acadia vehicle owners have come up with some problems based on their driving experience:
First, engine problem. GMC Acadia vehicle owners stated that they had a rough-running engine that would misfire sometimes and then the GMC Acadia could not be started. They also found shavings in the oil, oil leaking and could smell an oil odor while driving. In addition, squealing, rattling, rattling or rumbling sound can be heard and Check Engine Light came on. If you find these symptoms with your GMC Acadia, then you may have to replace the old timing chain guide, timing chain tensioner, timing belt tensioner or timing cover gasket.
Second, loss of engine power problem. This problem can be caused by a clogged oil filter. Because once the oil filter is bad, the GMC Acadia cannot pick up speed as much as it should and the accelerator in it will feel like working improperly. Apart from above symptoms, clogged oil filter also causes sputtering, metallic sound, dropping oil pressure and dirty exhaust.
Every drive enjoys a comfortable and safe driving experience. However, it is the replacement parts in the car that provide comfort and safety. For example, windshield wiper or wiper blade helps to provide a clear vision to ensure safe driving and air filter helps to provide healthy and fresh air to ensure comfortable driving. You should attach enough importance to them, too.
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