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About Buick Riviera

Buick Riviera is a personal luxury car manufactured by General Motors' brand Buick from 1963 to 1999. The first Buick Riviera was introduced on October 4, 1962 as a 1963 model and the successor of the Buick Super. As a front-wheel drive vehicle, Buick Riviera enjoys a thirty-year lifespan sprawling through eight generations. It had been placed fourth for Motor Trend's 1986 Car of the Year contest.
The seventh generation Buick Riviera (1986-1993) was introduced in 1986. As a 2-door coupe featured E-body, it changed into unibody construction and downsize. From 1986 to 1990, Buick Riviera was powered by a 3.8 L 165 hp V6 engine. And from 1991 to 1993, the 3.8 L engine could produce 170 horsepower. But it was equipped only one 4-speed THM440-T4 automatic transmission. After a hiatus in 1994, the eighth generation Buick Riviera (1995-1999) returned in 1995. It offered Silver Arrow model and so on. Engine options were more versatile including 3.8 L 205 hp L36, 3.8 L 225 hp SC L67 and 3.8 L 240 hp SC L67 Buick V6 engines. And all engines were mated to a 4-speed 4T60E automatic transmission, a 4-speed 4T60E-HD automatic transmission and a 4-speed 4T65E-HD automatic transmission.

Buick Riviera Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a personal luxury car, Buick Riviera devotes to providing exceptional performance for drivers. However, as accumulation of mileage, it is still inevitable that some problems would come for it. Here are the common ones:
First, engine performance issues. According to some Buick Riviera drivers, engine performance suffered as excessive oil consumption, low power for acceleration, engine misfiring and rough running. What's more, burning oil smell, oil leaks, white or gray exhaust smoke, metal shavings in the oil and rattling sound from the engine while in idle bother drivers a lot as well. So if any above symptoms appear on your Riviera, you should check the camshaft, fuel pressure regulator, time chain, piston ring and timing cover gasket thoroughly.
Second, multiple electrical issues. Actually, electrical issues are very common in most modern vehicles. In Buick Riviera, the most vulnerable electrical auto parts are the power window switch and door lock actuator, if the windows in your Riviera are not working properly or not working at all, or unusual noises coming from the inside the door and the power door locks not working or behaving erratically, these two parts deserve an inspection.
And besides those auto parts, some though used daily but easy to get overlooked auto parts also should be kept at the best shape for your Buick Riviera 's lifespan. Windshield wiper or wiper blade if work improperly, debris on the window screen could not be cleaned off, driving vision gets blocked, fatal accidents may happen. So does headlight and fog light.
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