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The Buick Roadmaster, a product of Buick, was the brand's largest vehicle when revitalized for the 1991-1996 models, transitioning from a C-body to the new B-Class. The esteemed Roadmaster name, first used for Buick's premium model from 1936 to 1958, represented technological enhancements and design progress. Launched in 1936 when Buick streamlined its engine offerings to two-a 233-cubic-inch, 93-horsepower engine for the Special model, and a 320.2-cubic-inch, 120-horsepower engine for others-the Roadmaster featured significant advancements such as an all-steel "turret top" and hydraulic brakes. The 1938 version boasted a longer hood, a near-vertical radiator grille, higher bumpers, and modified wheel arches, with improvements to steering and suspension for better handling. By 1942, the Roadmaster was lengthier, lower, broader, and roomier, with a longer wheelbase and a vertical grille and "aerodynamic" bumpers. Features such as a one-piece hood with double latches and the ability to open from either side of the engine compartment were introduced. Despite its wheelbase and length reduction in 1949, the Roadmaster saw a slight weight increase, embodying the dedication to ongoing improvement. Each component in these Buick Roadmaster models contributed to the vehicle's renowned handling abilities.

Despite the Buick Roadmaster's solid build, its components can still deteriorate or fail over time, leading to potential problems and safety risks. One common issue is with the suspension system, exhibited through a progressively looser steering wheel and an inability to steer, sometimes causing the vehicle to wander on the road. In such cases, the pitman arm should be checked for functionality. Another common issue is the Check Engine Light illuminating on the dashboard and the engine abruptly shutting off. Symptoms include a rough or misfiring idle, detonation, stalling, hard starts, engine vibration, misaligned timing marker, and a loud knocking noise. If the Check Engine Light is illuminated, components such as the EGR filter, EGR valve, EGR valve gasket, fuel rail, and crankshaft pulley should be checked. Additionally, certain elements like the fan shroud in the cooling system and electrical parts like the antenna, headlight switch, and hood cable need regular maintenance to ensure the Roadmaster's optimal performance and longevity.

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