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The Buick Somerset was a compact coupe, retailed by General Motors from 1985 to 1987, initially introduced as the Somerset Regal. Despite its smaller stature, this vehicle did not compromise on luxury, offering a sumptuously designed interior. The Somerset was built on GM's N-body platform, a foundational structure renowned for its durability and adaptability. Reflecting a versatile appeal to a wide range of car buyers, the Buick Somerset features a unique blend of both classic and modern automotive design. Every component of the Somerset, from core parts to accessories, was intentionally crafted for flexibility, ensuring that the car could cater to diverse needs and preferences. This thoughtful design, combined with Buick's commitment to quality, ensured the Somerset was not just a compact coupe, but a model of comfort and reliability. Despite its relatively brief production period, the Buick Somerset left an indelible mark on the realm of compact luxury vehicles.

In 1987, the Buick Somerset, notably the Limited edition, exhibited a recurring issue of stalling when halting. Despite efforts to resolve the problem through replacements such as the converter, fuel pump, and battery, the vehicle would still turn over without starting. Some experts attributed the issue to the cam or crank sensor. However, a broader range of potential causes was identified by the automotive community, including complications with the fuel pump relay circuit, malfunctioning oxygen sensors, electrical wiring shorts, or a defective ignition barrel. Comprehensive troubleshooting was stressed, advocating for the assessment of elements like the injection pulse, compression, and proper positioning of the fuel relay. A separate yet similar issue was the vehicle's propensity to backfire during acceleration, notably after warming up and especially at stoplights. The car would exhibit difficulty in starting but would function normally on highways. Despite multiple component replacements, including the fuel filter, PCV valve, ignition set, ignition coil, control module, and several injectors, the issue persisted. Some mechanics hypothesized the root problem could be a deteriorating ignition control module, emphasizing the necessity of a fuel pressure check. There was also debate on whether replacing the timing chain might be beneficial. Given the car's intricate mechanisms and the inconsistent feedback from local mechanics, there was an expression of longing for simpler car engines from previous decades, coupled with concerns about the auto industry's shift towards planned obsolescence. It was finally suggested that dealership mechanics might possess the expertise to accurately diagnose and address the car's problems.

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