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About Chevrolet C3500

Chevrolet C3500 is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by General Motors' brand Chevrolet since 1960. The first Chevrolet C3500 was introduced in North America in 1988. It belongs to the prominent and long-standing Chevrolet C/K lineup. And in 1991, General Motors introduced Chevrolet C3500 HD to bridge the gap between light duty trucks pickup trucks and medium duty trucks.
Chevrolet C3500 HD offered two trim levels: standard chassis cab and the crew chassis cab. From 1991 to 1995, it was powered with a 5.7 L 350 Small Block gasoline engine and a 7.4 L GEN V Big Block engine. Then in 1996 both engines were replaced by the 7.4 L Gen VI Vortec Big Block gasoline engine. And from 1991 to 2000, a 5.0 L V8 and a 5.7 L V8 engine were added. In 1992, a new 6.5 L RPO L65 Turbo Diesel engine was also introduced in Chevrolet C3500. When it ended production in 2002, Chevrolet C3500 had two engine options: an 8.1 L Vortec Big Block replaced the 7.4 L Gen VI Vortec Big Block gasoline engine and a 6.5 L Turbo Diesel engine. Throughout its life, Chevrolet C3500 was equipped with a 4-speed 4L80E OD automatic transmission and a 5-speed NV4500 manual transmission.

Chevrolet C3500 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Even as a member of the famous Chevrolet C/K lineup, Chevrolet C3500 still could not stop the wearing process. In order to slow down the process, you should know how to diagnose and solve some common problems happened to it in advance:
First, braking, steering and engine problems. For Chevrolet C3500 pickup truck, braking system is extremely important after all it is in such a big size. Drivers complained that the brake pedal is difficult to push, which also causes engine to stall. Your Chevrolet C3500 brake booster needs an inspection. As for engine and steering problems, new speedometer cable, engine control module and steering shaft replacements could solve your problems.
Second, multiple electrical issues. Though modern vehicles are equipped with lots of electrical parts, on Chevrolet C3500 some electrical parts need your extra attention. In Chevrolet C3500 body, window motor, door lock cylinder, door lock actuator, door jamb switch and dimmer switch are all vulnerable. In air conditioning system, A/C switch also should get maintained well.
While as Chevrolet C3500 is made of different auto parts, to keep it at the best shape means to maintain every auto parts in order. Wiper motor, washer reservoir, washer pump are all key parts of windshield wiper or wiper blade. Door handle is also an essential part in Chevrolet C3500 for entering or exiting. Please not to leave them out on your maintenance list.
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