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About Chevrolet Cavalier

Chevrolet Cavalier is a line of small family car automobiles manufactured by General Motors since 1981. The first Chevrolet Cavalier went on sale in 1981 as a 1982 model. As the replacement of Chevrolet Monza, it never let the predecessor and administrators in General Motors down. Up to now, it has been produced through three generations; though the General Motors is planning introduce the fourth generation Chevrolet Cavalier at the 2016 Chengdu Auto Show.
The second generation Chevrolet Cavalier (1988-1994) was only available of 2-door coupe. It offered trim levels like VL, RS and Z24. Available engine options covered a wide range. It was powered by 2.0 L LL8, 2.2 L LM3 and 2.2 L LN2 inline 4-cylinder gasoline engines as well as 2.8 L LX6 and 3.1 L LH0 V6 engines with 5-speed manual and 3-speed automatic transmission. Then the total redesigned Chevrolet Cavalier was introduced in 1995, which was the beginning of the fourth generation (1995-2005). It carried over the same trim levels from previous generation. However, V6 engine was given up and the Chevrolet Cavalier was powered by 2.2 L LN2 OHV, 2.2 L L61 DOHC, 2.2 L L42 DOHC, 2.3 L LD2 DOHC and 2.4 L LD9 DOHC inline 4-cylinder engines mated to 3-speed, 4-speed automatic transmissions and 5-speed manual transmission.

Chevrolet Cavalier Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

It is normal that people will start to complain something they have own especially if they have to use it every day. On one hand, people always some dissatisfactions about things, on the other hand, because of daily use, it is inevitable that the thing will get bad, for example Chevrolet Cavalier. Here are the most common complaints about it:
First, engine problem. Some Chevrolet Cavalier owners has no vehicle repair knowledge background, thus they can only tell people what they have met. They told that they can hear ticking or clanking noise from the cylinder head and the oil in the oil tank got dirty as well as the excessive oil consumption. Once these symptoms also show on your Chevrolet Cavalier, you may need to have your rocker arm checked out.
Second, suspension system problem. This problem, according to the Chevrolet Cavalier owners, showed itself as indicator light or cable did not match the gear they were in. Besides, the key cannot be removed from the ignition and Chevrolet Cavalier cannot be turned off. In addition, the Chevrolet Cavalier either started in another gear or not went into gear at all. If your Chevrolet Cavalier is experiencing these symptoms, then you probably have a broken shift cable.
Apart from above auto parts, some easy-to-wear parts like windshield wiper or wiper blade and seat belt may not show so many symptoms, but you still take good care of them and replace them immediately once they went wrong for your safety.
Compared to aftermarket parts, we offer low-priced Chevrolet Cavalier OEM parts with assured quality. In a long run, you will find owning durable and reliable genuine parts save you a lot of time and money.