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The Chevrolet G20, a compact van produced by Chevrolet from 1967 to 1970, is also known as the Chevrolet/GMC G-series vans and GMC Vandura. It is a part of the second generation of the G-series, sharing powertrain commonality with the C/K pickup truck line. The G20 offered various engine options, including the 3.8L I6 producing 142 hp, the 4.1L I6 with 158 hp, and V8 versions such as the 4.6L with 177 hp and the 5.0L with 203 hp. The van was equipped with top-notch transmission devices, with options like a column shift 4-speed transmission in 1968, and a 3-speed TH-350 Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission in 1969. Marketed under different nameplates like the Chevrolet Sportvan and GMC Handi-Van, the G20 gained popularity for its performance. The wheelbase was 90 inches for the Short Wheel Base (SWB) version and 108 inches for the Long Wheel Base (LWB) version. The G20 boasted a sturdy suspension, a 12-bolt rear axle, and improved hauling capability. The redesign in the second generation introduced revised grille with relocated headlamps, enlarged rectangular tail lights, improved curved windshield, and a more efficient engine cooling system. Despite the updates, the G20 retained its forward-control cab design.

Chevrolet G20, a popular van utilized extensively for heavy-duty transportation, is bound to show some issues due to the wear and tear from its hefty burden. Engine problems are a common concern among Chevrolet G20 owners, with issues manifesting as misfires, slow acceleration, starting difficulties, and excessive oil consumption, accompanied by a whining noise during operation. Additionally, due to the vehicle's age, cooling system issues frequently arise, such as the cooling fans not operating and persistent vehicle overheating, sometimes even leading to a blown cooling fan circuit fuse. These signs could be indicative of issues with the fan motor or fan shroud, which should be inspected and replaced promptly to prolong the vehicle's lifespan. Besides the major components, it's essential to attend to often overlooked parts like the door handle, which, despite its seemingly insignificant role, is vital for vehicle entry and exit, and the seat belt, a crucial safety feature. Regular attention and maintenance to all parts ensure the vehicle's optimal condition.

In terms of quality and longevity, OEM parts are top-tier. This is because they are made according to Chevrolet's demanding factory specifications and go through strict quality control. Catering to customers who prioritize quality but are also mindful of their budget, we provide OEM Chevrolet G20 parts, like Transmission - Manual, Rear Body Structure, Moldings & Trim, Cargo Stowage at unbeatable prices. Each of our genuine Chevrolet G20 parts is backed by a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring both quality and peace of mind. Additionally, we prioritize swift delivery, which means if you place your order now, you can expect to receive your brand-new parts with the fastest delivery speed available.