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About Chevrolet G30

Chevrolet G30 is a van manufactured by General Motors from 1964 to 1996 inclusively marked for North America. The first Chevrolet G30 along with its counterpart was introduced to replace the original Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Van which was manufactured until 1965. It belonged to the long-standing and prominent Chevrolet G-Series vans.
Compared to G10 and G20, Chevrolet G30 was a one-ton rating van according to load capacity. And it featured eight lug patterns on wheels. Basically, G series vans shared the same powertrain and configuration, but G30 had a longer wheel base. Chevrolet G30 had four different trim levels: Cargo van, Extended Cargo van, Diesel Cargo van, and the Diesel Extended Cargo van. It was powered by a 7.4 L 230-255 hp V8 engine with 385 lb of torque, 5.7 L 190-210 hp V8 engine with 300 lb or torque, and a 6.5 L V8 diesel engine. And all these engines were attached to a 3-speed automatic transmission, a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 4-speed manual transmission.

Chevrolet G30 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a van, Chevrolet G30 is really popular among venders, caterers, families and traveling lovers. As it normally is used for transporting goods or people, so some common problems would come for it for its heavy burden:
First, suspension failure. According to experienced Chevrolet G30 drivers, suspension failure on G30 shows as the vehicle is titling to one side, one side is higher than the other. What's more, uneven tire wear while driving when the tire shakes or vibrates at higher speeds happen often as well. If you also find your Chevrolet G30 is bouncing more often when driving over speed bumps, onto driveway or simply down the road under normal driving conditions, your coil springs and leaf spring bushing in the suspension system deserve a complete inspection.
Second, cooling system went wrong. For such a big vehicle, cooling system would not last a long time. Chevrolet G30 drivers complained that they had to add coolant more often as leaking coolant could always be found on the ground. In this way, an overheating engine is often the inevitable consequence. And engine performance reduced a lot so that lost power when accelerating. In general, coolant reservoir, cooling hose or radiator hose and water pump can get a check.
Besides, hood cable in Chevrolet G30 is another vulnerable auto part. And seat belt, windshield wiper or wiper blade, headlight, fog light bulb and other easily get worn parts should get replaced in time.
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