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About Chevrolet K10

Chevrolet K10 is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by General Motors' brand Chevrolet from 1960 to 1988 in United States. The first Chevrolet K10 was introduced in 1960 as a four-wheel drive pickup truck. It belongs to the long-lasting exceptional Chevrolet C/K lineup. Chevrolet K10 has long-bed and short-bed versions with half-ton weight. As the famous K-Series pickup truck, Chevrolet K10 was very popular in North America.

Chevrolet K10 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Because as a member of the famous Chevrolet C/K lineup, so Chevrolet K10 also shares some problems with other models from this lineup. According to Chevrolet K10 owners, these problems would happen to it usually:
First, engine failure. It is not a rare problem in any Chevrolet vehicle as time passes by. Based on Chevrolet K10 drivers' description as excessive oil consumption, low power for acceleration or engine misfiring, we can assume the engine performance was weakened. What's more, engine even gave out excessive sounds and vibrations or leaking coolant caused an overheating engine. And the Check Engine Light would be illuminated simultaneously when above signs appeared. If you also notice your K10 is exhausting white smoke or the color of the oil changed into white milky or you cannot start the vehicle in the morning, some auto parts such as spark plug, piston ring, head gasket, engine mount, body control module and intake manifold gasket need a thorough inspection.
Second, problems on suspension, transmission and some electrical issues. In Chevrolet K10, suspension problems would display signs like excessive vibrations while driving, swerving or nose fiving when braking, grinding noises while turning. What's more, as vehicle would tilt to one side, uneven tire wear would happen also. For these, you need check K10 shock absorber, coil springs, coil spring insulator and shock and strut mount. As for transmission failure on Chevrolet K10, you might as well try inspecting the transmission assembly. And the instrument cluster is the most vulnerable electrical auto part in Chevrolet K10.
Besides, you need also take some time on maintaining some daily used but get ignored auto parts. Seat belt is one of them. Do you know you should get it replaced after every accident? Wheel cover is for stopping accumulation of dirt and moisture on wheels so that wheels can move smoothly, so very important. Door handle is designed for entering or exiting cars more conveniently, and headlight is for lighting road ahead as well as warning others of your presence. Any above them are equally important for your Chevrolet K10's lifespan.
When it comes to perfect fitment and optimum performance, nothing can beat the OEM Chevrolet K10 auto parts. If you have worries on price, then we can erase this worry as we offer a wide selection of genuine Chevrolet K10 auto parts at the lowest prices in the market. What's more, all OEM K10 parts will come from with the manufacturer's warranty, so you can shop with confidence.