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About Chevrolet K2500

Chevrolet K2500 is a mid-size pickup truck manufactured by General Motors from 1988 to 2000. It used to belong to the famous long-running Chevrolet C/K line. The first Chevrolet K2500 was introduced in 1988 as a four-wheel drive pickup truck. Chevrolet K2500 boasted its tremendous towing capacity and cargo load and it was very popular among trades such as transporting industry, logging industry or ordinary family.

Chevrolet K2500 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though Chevrolet K2500 enjoys a sturdy body structure and excellent design, after long-term heavy work like hauling, transporting weighty goods, there appears some problems on it. Among those problems, here listed are the most common ones:
First, cooling system problem. As a pickup truck, Chevrolet K2500 has done some heavy work so that its cooling system easily wears out. Chevrolet K2500 truck owners stated that the engine and the truck often overheated. What's more, the coolant kept leaking, and the Low Coolant Light always came on, they have to refill the coolant constantly to let the cooling system operate again. Other symptoms included that the cooling fan cannot come on or the fan circuit fuse was blown. If your Chevrolet K2500 is suffering from those same troubles, you are suggested to check your fan shroud to confirm if it is failing or check if your radiator hose or cooling hose is collapsed or damaged.
Second, steering system issue. The most obvious expression of this issue is the annoying continuous sound. According to Chevrolet K2500 truck owners, they can hear clicking, grinding or whining noise while turning the wheel. And sometimes the groaning noise can be heard, which is the worst situation actually. In addition, the steering wheel cannot be locked up and it operated roughly or slowly and became more and more stiff. Sometimes, when they started the Chevrolet K2500, they can hear squealing noises. And they could find damages on the belt. Once these phenomena happened to your Chevrolet K2500 as well, you should have your power steering pump or steering column cover inspected.
It is certain that if you want to maintain your Chevrolet K2500 a long lifespan, every auto part needs thorough care. For example, the door handle that helps occupants come in or out of the Chevrolet K2500 freely, once found loose or cannot open or close the door with it, you are supposed to replace it. Door lock is responsible for keeping the door from thieves and protecting the property safety, if you hear any unusual noise coming from inside the door or the door lock behaves intermittently or do not function at all, a new and proper-operated door lock is needed immediately.
Though the aftermarket parts seem cheaper than OEM parts, their quality vary greatly and often own an overwhelming selection not to mention without any warranty. However, the Chevrolet K2500 OEM parts boast a high quality with precise fitment. And the Chevrolet K2500 genuine parts we offer are at the lowest price and come with the manufacturer's warranty. Please shop with confidence as we also have hassle-free return policy as well as the fastest delivery service.